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Saturday, May 11, 2002

Sara: Does this bother you? I'm not touching you.

Today's random bride links:

Scriptorium - really lovely fonts, including the one on this page
Gaddis Designs - pretty invitations
Jeweled rhinestone wires - surely something fabulous can happen with those.

Ryan and I saw this big jewel-and-wire bouquet today. It's kind of frightening. It reminds me of those fiber-optic lights they used to sell in the back of Spencer Gifts, next to the bongs. Maybe they didn't sell bongs. I just remember wanting to go back there and look at all the black light posters. My parents wouldn't buy me one; guess it would've clashed with the pink tulip wallpaper in my room. The one with the big panther on velvet-flocked paper was so very cool, though.

ANYway, the link is to a company that sells bunches of wired crystal beads. They're probably long enough to make the boutonniere. Or you can order it here for $54. Um, yeah.

Listening to: Mary Lorson & Saint Low, Tricks for Dawn. Dennis picked this up for me because he knows how much I like singer-songwriter chicks. It's completely wonderful.
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