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Saturday, May 18, 2002

Sara: Are you going to eat that?

Dennis and I hung out at Tower Books for a while this afternoon, and of course I found my way to the Wedding Porn section. I saw an amazing book there, Cakewalk: Adventures with Sugar. These cakes are completely over-the-top. I've already ordered a copy for Leigh, since she was so inspired by the Colette's cake book I gave her last year.

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Friday, May 17, 2002

Sara: Wedding Nightmare!

My usual wedding nightmare involves my dress, as in, not having finished my dress and trying to do the hem with staples as guests are arriving at the church.

Last night, I had the first nightmare about flowers. In the dream, I didn't have any flowers, so someone ran to the grocery store and picked up a bouquet for me, which I then carried, even though it was still in its cellophane cone with water dripping off the stems.

I have no idea what this means. Feel free to analyze it.

I actually did spend part of yesterday morning arranging some cut flowers that someone gave to the church, and they were still in their cellophane wrappers, so maybe that's where the imagery came from. Strange, though.

Wedding nightmare tally for this week: 1
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Sara: Meet my roommate

This is my roommate, Eddie.

I got a dig-i-tal ca-me-raaa today! Whoo hoo! And I celebrated by taking silly photos of Eddie.
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Thursday, May 16, 2002

Sara: Random links

Am I crazy enough to make my own English crackers? Maybe for the rehearsal dinner?
Cool invitation supplies - super-nifty grommets!
Hey brides - you already bought this book, right?

I think I'm officially Over the other wedding sites. Not because mine is so great, but just because if I have to read "do what you want, it's YOUR day" one more time, I'm gonna, well, go bridal. I'm mostly talking about Ultimate Wedding here, because I can't stand the horrible interface at The Knot. Still like Indiebride the best.

Coolness from other bits of my life - Phil Lesh & Friends was just added to the lineup at Bonnaroo. Dennis and I leave for Tennessee a month from Sunday, whoo hoo!
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