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Thursday, June 06, 2002

Sara: Time sink

Yeah, I'm a sucker for things like this: Ya-Ya Name Generator

One of my name variants is Princess Homemade Sin, which I sincerely hope is not an accurate description of my dress.

Hey, Dennis, can the Deacon who assists El Padre be The Praying Mantis?
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Dennis: "Holy matrimony, El Padre !"

I'm in favor of sidekicks for all superheroes especially ones with cool names like Praying Mantis (whose nemesis sidekick would be The Altar Boy). In the continuity of The Matrimonials the Grappling Groom once had a whole slew of sidekicks but they were killed off in the four issue mini-series, Fall of the House of Ushers, recently issued in red leather bound anthology form (if you're into that kind of thing). Though I think just The Deacon has a great hero-ey ring to it all by it's lonesome.

Think the name Princess Homemade Sin has little to do with your skill with a thread and needle but I think the name is deserved somehow :)

Silly name making engines you say ? Here's my own offering: Your Name In Middle Earth It varies wildly if you put in your middle name or leave it out. The names that come up when I use my middle name displease me (who wants to be Overweight Harfoot). My faves otherwise for me are Mîm Musicfeet (Dwarven) and Troublesome Huorn (Hobbit and vaguely rude sounding to me...).
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Sara: Well....

At least homemade sin is more personal than the store-bought kind.
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Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Sara: Sweaty and cranky bride talks about her hair. Film at 11.

It's entirely too hot here. I'm wilting.

Got the Bonnaroo tickets from UPS today. Whoo hoo! We leave in two weeks and I'm quite excited about the whole trip.

Finally got around to getting my hair touched up today. I had some serious roots. My hair's natural color can best be described as Hamster. I got it dyed a nice dark red today and I feel very pretty. There was some discussion of how to do my hair for the wedding, but I'm still entirely clueless about that. I have stick-straight hair that is past my shoulders. It's very fine but fortunately there's a lot of it; however, getting it to stay 'up' is a losing battle. Ryan has super-gorgeous hair and can put it up without even looking in a mirror. It's a good thing she's so dad-burned nice or I'd really resent her for her hair skills. I guess that's a bit of DNA I'm just missing - the hair talent gene.

I also have a very pointy head and can't wear a ponytail. Seriously.
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Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Dennis: Beware the knotted justice of The Matrimonials !!!!

As a lifelong comic book enthusiast (who has largely managed to pull that four-color monkey off his back in recent years) I was instantly delighted by the names The Veiled Threat and Matron of Horror. I envisioned a dark superhero team in the spirit of old EC horror comics. The remainder of the Matrimonials, as I've dubbed the entire team, would include Deadly Blossom (a flower girl with a fearsome garden), The Best Man (whatever you can do he can do better but his fatal flaw is a lifetime of loneliness and a secret resentment of...), The Grappling Groom (a squat mustachioed wrestler dressed in skin tight tuxedo & mexican wrestler mask...not my own alter-ego for the record) and finally their leader El Padre (action priest in the spirit of Gene Hackman's collared wonder in the Poseidon Adventure ) Their headquarters would be known simply as The Altar where the big book of judgements would always sit waiting to guide them on their missions. Yeah I know I'm not right in the head...
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Sara: Cranky bride

The bride has writer's block. Dennis suggested that listening to Leonard Cohen to get motivated to be active is somewhat counter-productive. Maybe.

I'll throw a few amusing links at you instead.

Tacky Postcard Archive: Anti-tourism

in a similar vein: Send A Postcard from Bronners Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Jon and Dennis don't believe Frankenmuth really exists. Ryan and I will take them to Michigan some day soon and MAKE them believe. [best postcard selections: Wally & Irene Bronner and Wally With Clock]

Ryan sent this one out yesterday: Rate My Kitten. It will make your teeth hurt. It's that sweet.

I mostly lurk on a mailing list for GenX Episcopalians, and tonight they are discussing a SimParish for training clergy. As someone with a tiny little Sims addiction, this amuses me to no end. I'm picturing the little SimAltarGuild polishing the little SimChalice for the SimWine. I wonder what SimHeaven is like. It's too bad the GTNG annual meeting conflicted with Bonnaroo this year; I'd like to go to the next one.
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Sunday, June 02, 2002

Sara: Someone beat me to it...

I saw this on the Simpsons Action Figure Information Station. Guess I'm not the only person to think of having a Homer and Marge cake topper. Not that I would put it on the cake, since it would probably interfere with Leigh's pyrotechnics, but it seems tragic not to have something Simpsons there.

"hey, now my wedding dress is chafing me...."

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