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Saturday, June 15, 2002

Sara: Oh, duh.

This article sums up what is wrong with weddings these days - the people creating all the 'traditions' are the ones selling the same traditions. Kind of makes one feel silly for participating.

So, new game plan: we are going to have exactly the wedding we can afford, one that fits a couple of happy-but-poor fools in love. I'm not going to try to figure out how to make things look more opulent than they are. You come to our wedding, you get to see some people in love ask God for some help getting things right, promise Him that we'll do our best with what he has blessed us with, and then there will be some food and lots of hugging and then people can make silly toasts. That's my new vision.

There will be balloon hats. I feel very strongly about the balloon hats. After all, if the idea is that the wedding is supposed to be an extension of the way we entertain in real non-bridal-mode life, then there should be goofy party favors, because we love goofy party favors!
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Sara: Meanwhile, at Proposal Point...

Excellent review/snarkfest of episode 2 of Miss Haversham Rides a Dog Sled, aka that horrid show on Fox whose name I can't even say out loud. Yeah, I watched it.
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Friday, June 14, 2002

Dennis: Two of us

Hit one of those places last night after I split from work where I just wanted to give up. One of those awful shrill voices in my head kept saying, "Give up why don't you." These days I don't engage those inner voices in a dialog, I ignore them, anesthesize them, drown them out with distraction. But they're there none the less.

So when I woke up I still had the lingering ghost of the previous nights depression hanging around. And then as I reached to turn off the snooze alarm for the 3rd time it came to me: I can't give up. There's someone out there depending on me to be around in their life and they need me to keep on trying.

This is one of those magical things about loving another person, it pulls you out of yourself. Given my druthers I'd just give up sometimes.Seriously. I'd fold faster than Superman on laundry day (thanks for that one, Bart) some days. But knowing my life is connected & woven into someone else's means I can't make selfish decisions like that. Sara is the main person that reminds me of this but there's also my friends, my dear friends, that remind me not to wallow in the darkness and that they want & need me around.

This love stuff is powerful indeed.
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Dennis: Further fatty thoughts

From the book Eat Fat:

"Above all, in our culture being fat means you get no love, because you deserve no love. Being fat, and therefore failing to be the person you ought to be, probably could be, certainly will be one day (dammit), you have no right to receive any love -- if you love yourself so little as to be fat. That's the message the world conveys and that you get every day from your mirror, as we all get fatter and fatter. Look in the mirror and see the expanse of your gut, the roll on your hip, and tell me you don't feel ashamed. You've let yourself go, and look at you. In the mirror, in your mind's eye, you have fallen short, by getting fat, of the ideal that alone could bring you satisfaction, pleasure, and, in all likelihood wealth."

Reading that passage this morning was like being given a key to unlock a door I'd shut tight, barricaded and eaten the map to it's location when I was very young, before I'd hit two decades on this lovely green globe. It's not one lie we're told, it's a the whole web of lies about fat and our bodies and who we are that gets pushed on us day & night. Like that stupid nihilisitic voice in my head yesterday, I'm not going to listen so hard to this one anymore. Now to see what's been locked up in that room all these years...
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Sara: Stuff that has nothing to do with the other stuff

yeah, I'll be watching this: Married in America.

What a surprise to see a DeBeers ad there!
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Thursday, June 13, 2002

Sara: I should be sewing right now

PatternReview Very cool site, full of reviews of patterns, books, machines, web sites, etc. Whew - sewgeeky.com got good reviews. The little C by the reviews means that there are comments - I freaked out when I saw that because I thought it was my site's grade! Glad it's not since I don't have time to do extra credit projects. I am going to waste a lot of time on PatternReview and you should, too!
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Dennis: Thought for food

With all this talk of bridal butts and groomly girth around here I've been thinking about my own shape a lot lately. And, as often happens in my life, a book came and found me at the right moment. It's called Eat Fat by Richard Klein and it attempts to turn the whole notion of thin = beautiful on it's ear so the more plump among us feel positively lovely again. I'm only a short way in but already I've hit about a dozen new ways to look at weight and while I'm not likely to kick start a one man rotund revolution, I am feeling a bit less panicked about pictures of a wedding with me in them. Here's a nice interview with Richard Klein to give you some idea what this nifty tome is all about. I get so tired of this struggle sometimes having hated my body since I was 13 years old. One day I really do hope to wake up and not cringe when I look in a full length mirror.
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Sara: Dennis is adorable

He really is. Boy's body image got a little warped along the way, and I'm so happy that it's starting to heal. We're both working on making life changes so we'll be healthier, but I don't want it to be about other people making us feel bad about the way we look. Had enough of that in my life. I love him exactly the way he is right now at this moment.

I took this picture last weekend while we were waiting to go to Fiesta Del Mar for an enchilada gorge-fest: That's Jon on the left, and Dennis on the right. They're so darn cute.

Seems relevant somehow...

One Angry Girl Designs
- T-shirts, bumper stickers, etc.
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Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Sara: Suburban beautification

My new skin care stuff from Paula's Choice arrived today. I got the BHA solution, the blemish fighting solution, and some sunscreen. I'm mainly trying to deal with blackheads on my nose, so we'll just see how this all turns out. My skin has been really lousy lately. Maybe it's stress? [innocent clueless blinking]

Pretty and actually wedding-related: Tiaras by Copperbox.
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Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Sara: Because maybe just maybe you haven't seen it

Dogs in Elk (you can sing it to the tune of Duran Duran's Girls on Film and it's even funnier!)
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Sara: Arts & Crafts

Fun book - Tissue Paper Flowers from Klutz Press. Just like Martha makes, but without that yucky aftertaste. I want to have a flower-making party.

Hey Leigh, if you're checking in from Colorado, wouldja call your sister already??! We're not sending cookies without a phone call, missy!

[Leigh is away at drinking camp; it's actually a repertory theatre, but she's out in the woods and many of the best stories from there involve beer, so we've drawn our own conclusion]
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Monday, June 10, 2002

Sara: Blistering weekend

So, how was your weekend?

Let's see...Friday night was great fun, much eating of yummy food and a viewing of 13 Conversations About One Thing, which is a fine fine movie that you should see right away.

Saturday was the Hike That Didn't Go Well. I got a huge blister about two miles into it which popped immediately and then I turned into a big whining baby. My CoolMax double-layer socks really let me down. They have been dispatched. Feh. My heel looks icky.

The nice part was that Ryan and Mauria and I stopped for lunch at a very pretty place along the trail and perched on a fallen log and it was a really glorious day and I was able to forget about my stupid throbbing foot for a while.

Saturday night was much lounging around and complaining. Be glad you missed it. I'm really unpleasant to be around sometimes.

Sunday was the day of many churches. First to services at my church, with the usual fabulous sermon, and then on to the church where I work to attend their summer picnic and take pictures and show off the Dennis to my co-workers. We had to leave early so that I could get to a board meeting for Spirituality at Work, which was held at yet another church. I really should have had Episcopal Tour 2002 t-shirts made.
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