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Friday, July 05, 2002

Sara: It's all happening!

Dennis' Bonnaroo article at Jambands.com is getting lots of good attention and now he's got some other folks interested in his writing. How cool is that?

Yesterday, we were at a very fun BBQ at my friend Kat's house, and someone was looking at Jon like she recognized him but wasn't sure why. It turned out that she has seen Hookslide a few times and recognized him from there - and there were other Hookslide fans at the BBQ he'd never met, too! He looked surprised but really pleased. It was so cute. They'll be doing the Anthem at the Giants game on the 14th.

Nice blog from someone who is smart enough to realize that Ryan's They're Coming to Get You, Barbara is a fabulous web site.

There is a short update in the Sewing Journal. I hung out at Jon and Ryan's after the BBQ and took advantage of their floor to get some of the corset pieces cut out. The corset has 10 pieces, each of which has to be cut out of 3 different fabrics. So, I'm a third of the way through! Ryan and Sarah, Jon's cool sister, laughed at the wedding porn I'd brought. Elegant Bride is from another planet entirely. Scariest. Hair. Ever.
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Dennis: A few thoughts on rituals & traditions

Sara has been telling me about some of the feedback about this site coming her way. At first I was baffled that anyone not interested in weddings would bother to take the time to write her but then again a lot of things human beings do makes no sense to me at all. But it did make me think about what a wedding means, both to me and in a larger cultural sense.

As human beings become more divided into their own self interests, the number of shared traditions is dropping. There was a time when nearly everyone you spoke to went to church or attended town hall meetings or how about a barn raising if you want to go back a tiny bit further. I'm not being nostalgic here, I'm talking about honest to goodness shared activity in public spaces. As we don our Walkmans and build our walls each day the world becomes more what each of us wants & shapes personally. The kind of shared activity that draws us out of this singular world we make for ourselves is rapidly disappearing. You hear it in the laments of people who wonder where neighborhoods have gone (though often they're the first ones to build a higher fence and complain if anyone infringes on their space...) and you hear it in the catchphrases of politicians hoping to trigger some empty nostalgia in voters.

One of the few common tradtions, one of the shared rituals that exists in nearly all places on the planet in some form or another is the wedding ceremony. It is a celebrations of what I see as best in us, i.e. the ability to love one another and to build a life together rather than alone. It is a public announcement that two lives will be knotted together from this day forward (and trust me even when a divorce happens you still have a few kinks in your rope afterwards once you tie the knot...). It gives those in our lives a chance to celebrate with us, offer their own thoughts on union and for the various threads of our lives (to overwork a metaphor) to gather in one place for a change. Friends, family and co-workers in one place for one purpose. A rarer and rarer thing.

That both Sara and I are dubious of much of the official line of thinking on marriage and weddings is something that should be abundantly clear to anyone who reads the entries here. This space is a way to wrestle with this tradition, a forum to ponder out loud what it means to marry and what a tradition like this will mean to us. 'Nuff said.
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Thursday, July 04, 2002

Sara: Random thought; clearly I need sleep

Would it be wrong to try to convince people that my monogram is WTF? I'm picturing monogrammed towels. Maybe in one of the foofy alphabets from here. Love their stuff. I was going to use their lace monogram design on my niece's Christening gown, but then I realized that putting a big A on the bodice of a dress is perhaps less than clever.

Hey, is now the time to bring up the Name Issue? In the past 48 hours, 3 people have asked me if I'm going to take Dennis' name. First reaction is no, because it's what I'm supposed to say if I'm a 21st-century woman, but the fact is I like the idea of us having one name.

My name is long and constantly has to be spelled out for people, and his is one syllable and easy. I know that's a lousy reason to do anything, but I was signing checks at work today and started wondering what it would be like to lop 5 letters off my signature. Hyphenation is right out for aesthetic reasons. It's just a horrible over-abundance of K sounds and it sounds like there is something caught in my throat. And I can barely be bothered to write all of the letters in the signature I have now.

I'm going to ponder this one and not make a decision based on number of letters, but right now I'm feeling playful about the whole thing. I'm maybe one step above doodling our names together on the back of my notebook, right next to the glitter-decal unicorn. Sara and Dennis sitting in a tree...
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Sara: New stuff!

I've added a Frequently Asked Questions page, and a page with reflections on the marriage service from the Book of Common Prayer. The reflections page is extraordinarily sincere, so if sincerity creeps you out, I suggest avoiding it.

Hello, Australia! I have a link in the Sydney Morning Herald! Don't be fooled by my cheeky exterior, though! (I love that someone thinks I have a cheeky exterior - it almost sounds naughty!)
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Sara: Well, at least they changed the wording...

Weird Wedding Product Showcase!

Quasi-Tolkien rings

[if you follow the link, you have to scroll to the end of the page]
Oh, and here is another version of it.

Still not king.

And the other oddity:

"Something Blue Surprise!"
Your special day calls for special accessories, and this one from Sherry et Cie will make you feel especially glamorous. "Elizabeth" is fashioned from the finest silk, lined with soft cotton and beautifully embellished with floral lace. One size fits most.

You’ll love the back with its fan of lace and tiny blue bow. Only you will know where your special “something blue” is discreetly hidden! White or Ivory. Made in the U.S.

Ok, kids, here's your Going Bridal challenge of the day: what is this item? I mean, duh, it's a thong, g-string, panty, whatever - but our virginal bridal brain's too delicate to deal with that, apparently. So it's just a Something Blue Surprise. Oh, and it's one size fits most, which is NOT what you want to hear when you're talking about a thong, especially one that is supposed to have something 'discreetly hidden'. This lovely item is only $30. Comes in white, or ivory for the naughty types.
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Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Sara: Brilliant writer, part II

Dennis' Bonnaroo Journal has been published at jambands.com. Some of the raw material was posted here first from the road, but this is more polished. I think it's fabulous.
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Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Sara: you got no choice but to learn to glean solace from pain or you'll end up cynical or dead

I think I'm going to make all of my entry titles be lines from Jim White songs today.

I am oddly joyful. Ok, that description could fit me a lot of the time, but I'm feeling particularly blessed and loved and grounded today. The Dennis is quoting Cowboy Junkies lyrics to me via email, I'm trying to coordinate a visit from Sarah My Fabulous Niece for next month, there is sweet corn at the farmer's stand up the street from work, I stomped out a bunch of computer viruses on the droids at St. B's last night, we have tickets to see Robert Randolph next Thursday, God seems entirely present, and all manner of things will be well. Happy Tuesday!
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Sara: Oh, beautiful world!

I answered the phone at work a little while ago, and this really familiar voice at the other end asked if anyone has told me that I'm beautiful today. I thought about it for a moment, and said that no, the subject hadn't come up. So Dennis told me that I'm beautiful, and I'm sure I had quite the beaming smile after I got off the phone.

I love that he does stuff like that. I love the random moments we get sometimes during the day.
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Sara: Now downtown they got the prison of shame

And speaking of Random, someone has been calling my house - from jail. Did you know that when someone calls from jail, the Caller ID says PRISON? Oh, Prison is calling!

The problem is, it's a collect call from someone none of us know, which means that this poor guy is wasting all of his phone time trying to call the wrong number, and he's probably getting more and more upset that the person he thinks is calling won't pick up. Is there a solution to this? Aside from taking the call, which seems like a bad idea, right? It's been going on for a couple of days now.

I was doing some googling on the subject and found this article about the phone situation in prison.
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Sunday, June 30, 2002

Sara: Therefore, I will have delicious nuts in the wedding. We can begin to examine foofy, sand yielding ideas

I am so easily amused. I ran the Salty Nuts entry from a couple of days ago through the Google English-to-Spanish translator and back out again:

For the last day, there has been much discussion of the flavorful nuts of baked/salted/spiced/sugared in my thread of spiral preferred of char it of the table. That did wishes me some, and then this late Ryan mentioned that we could make some almonds cooked to the furnace for the wedding. When the same idea comes in me from two diverse directions, attempt to pay the attention. Therefore, I will have delicious nuts in the wedding, or at least the nuts will be produced for the wedding. If they are stored in my house, I cannot still make no promises on her that are around by then! I think that the Knox strength would be an appropriate place to keep it if it goes to the last one. Of course, now we must begin the project difficult to find the best prescription. Also we are trying to come for above with a good excuse for a party of the tea so we can begin to prove ideas foofy of the emparedado one.

and to German and back again:

For the last day it gave over tasteful baked /salted/spiced/sugarednuesse in my favourite tables to much discussion discussion thread. That educated me wishes some, and then this afternoon mentioned Ryan that we could form some baked almonds for the wedding. If the same idea at me comes from two different directions, I try, to pay attention. Thus I will have yummy Nuesse at the wedding, or at least Nuesse are produced for the wedding. If they are stored at my house, I cannot form promises over them around still up to then being! I think that away Knox would be a suitable place for holding it, if they go to the latter. Of course now we must begin the difficult project of finding the best prescription. We try also to come with a good apology for an dte-involved above therefore we can begin to examine foofy, sand yielding ideas.

And, finally the European tour - German to French to Spanish to English. Does anyone know if there is an English-to-Yoda translator out there?

* for the last day it debates on good taste baked-/salted/spiced/sugarednuesse in my thread much. Me it wishes some-one, it formed that and then this late it has mentioned of the Ryan that we could form some almonds cooked for the marriage. If the same idea my comes two-way traffic from different, attempt to pay an attention. Therefore, I will have yummy nuts to the marriage, or some nuts for the marriage take place at least. If they are stored to my house, I cannot still form promises on them in winch here to there that they are! I think that the strong Knox would be an advisable place that destines to the behavior she, if they go to the last one. Obvious, now we must begin the project difficult to find of the best condition. We also tried to come in summit with good excuses for an associate, therefore we can begin to examine foofy, of the ideas of sand crease.
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Sara: comments [stupid]

Many, many comments were lost in a stupid ftp-before-breakfast incident this morning. I'm rebuilding them, and am about halfway through. Duh.
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Sara: The dead horse continues to be beaten, no charges filed

I have a piece of paper taped to my monitor that says, "God doesn't call the qualified; God qualifies the called" - which I thought was a very nice sentiment but now I have to say that living it really blows sometimes. I'm getting a new brain-dump of humility and the transfer isn't going smoothly. This being-ok-with-people-not-liking-me issue has to be dealt with if I'm going to do effective ministry, and it would appear that God thinks now would be a good time. (I wonder what Acidman thinks about being used as an instrument of Grace?) So, praying people, pray for me to the diety of your choice, if you would. I'd be grateful. Even if you're just praying for me to shut the hell up...

[other confused people: the ones who got here after searching for Bonnaroo Naked, which was my top search engine term this week]

You'll laugh: Chicken Blog (not to be confused with the Chicken Dance)
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