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Saturday, August 10, 2002

Sara: See, people really DO finish sewing dresses before the wedding!

Elizabeth made her sister's dress and it's very very purty. See the process here:

Chelsea's Wedding Dress with lots of photos.

I'm working on my dress today! I'm feeling so inspired now!

I made serious progress on the corset today! It's not finished, and I have to get to a store that's rarely open to get more supplies, but it's finished enough to be able to take measurements and order my bodice pattern. Yay!
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Sara: Hen Night

Or, as we say in the States, bachelorette parties. I'm still very proud of the one we threw for Ryan. It was so much fun. We had a private stripping lesson! The instructor was great and she has just put out a video The Art of Sensual Dance which would be really really fun to use for a bachelorette party. Supply some stripper props, like gloves and feather boas and go at it! Her message is all about loving the body you have and feeling sexy as you are at this moment, and it's great to hear that instead of always focusing on what's not right, don't you think?
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Thursday, August 08, 2002

Sara: Two....Dollars, AND Howard Jones on the soundtrack

I am very happy this evening because Better Off Dead was on cable and I am so glad it's not the 80s anymore. However, unlike most of my 80s movie favorites, that one has held up rather well. It's still amusing, and unlike, say, St. Elmo's Fire, I don't want to slap everyone on the screen. Which is a big problem for me with a lot of movies I used to like. Further evidence that I was in fact a horrible person at one point in my life.
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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Sara: ....and back to talking about my wedding

This won't be very interesting to anyone except maybe my mom, but here is the reception site, which is the social hall at my church:

Here, it's set up for a meeting, not a reception, but at least you can get a sense of the space. I really love it - there's so much natural light, and those doors open onto a lovely courtyard. I think we'll put some extra tables out there. The walls are a beautiful creamy yellow. I can't bring myself to have 'colors' for the wedding, but I'm sure I'll try to pick up that yellow somewhere. Which is not really a hardship, given that I like yellow.
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Monday, August 05, 2002

Sara: It's Never Too Late to Be a Virgin

Well, it is for me, but apparently you can regain your virginity by holding out during the engagement. The New York Times was having a slow news day. (sorry you have to login to see the entire story)

With three months to go before her wedding, Nicole Ratliff, 24, is deep into her prenuptial regime. She exercises with a personal trainer so her arms will look buffed in a strapless gown. She works on her tan to get rid of the swimsuit lines across her shoulders. She exfoliates her face and guzzles 124 ounces of water daily to hydrate her skin. And since July 26, three months to the day before she will say, "I do," she has been abstaining from sex with her live-in fiancÚ, David Crawford, and plans to continue until after they are married.

"No more showers together," said Ms. Ratliff, a pharmaceuticals sales representative in Charlotte, N.C. "No sleeping in the nude. We'll kiss, and that's it."

Ms. Ratliff said she hopes that a period of abstinence will ensure that sparks fly during her honeymoon in the Fiji Islands, and help clear her conscience about having strayed from the expectations that her church and family hold about premarital sex. "The closer you get to the wedding, and you're looking for a preacher and a church, you start to feel guilty," she said of no longer being a virgin.

These days, a period of "secondary virginity," as it is sometimes called, is increasingly the norm for many brides-to-be across the South, an accommodation to the modern reality of premarital sex and the traditional disapproval of it in the Bible Belt.
I just don't get this at all.
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Sunday, August 04, 2002

Sara: .com

Great article in Salon about domain names that are allowed to die.

The fact that these domains were left fallow is even more intriguing than the fact that they were registered to begin with. Did the person who bought ILoveTracyVeryMuch.com realize that he (or she) actually loved Tracy only moderately? Were the designs for ChrisLovesSally.com and ChrisLovesAmanda.com scrapped after that day Sally and Amanda ran in to each other and compared notes? Both Alan and Branden announced their love for Amy (BrandenLovesAmy.com, AlanLovesAmy.com), but neither pulled the trigger and built a Web site to back up his claim. Maybe that's why Pat snagged her (AmyAndPat.com), except that site wasn't built either. Are they still together? Did the relationship expire before the domain name did, or did Chip and Danna (of ChipandDanna.com) decide that their time together would be better spent at the gym? And what about Nick and Tonya? Both NickLovesTonya.com and TonyaLovesNick.com were released earlier this year. Is either URL still an accurate description of the couple's emotional state, or would it be more fitting, these days, to publish NickLostInterestInTonya.com and TonyaHatesTheWayNickChews.com?

Which I think begs the interesting question, for those of you who bought a domain with your names in it for your wedding site - whatcha gonna do with it after the wedding? Will it stick around and be a dusty shrine to the wedding, or will you keep updating it with newsy bits about your post-wedding lives? What happens to wedding sites...afterwards?
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