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Saturday, September 21, 2002

Sara: Like I need another project

Not Martha has very cool Marble Magnets and I want to make some!

Packing for Vegas...the last hurrah for the summer clothes. At least I hope so, because I some fabulous new knee-high boots and I want to wear them soon, so cold weather would be most welcome.

I installed Dennis' DSL last night and his productivity has dropped accordingly.
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Friday, September 20, 2002

Sara: three things

There's a thread over at Indiebride about the wedding planning theory which says, "Just pick 3 things you really, really want. After that, don't worry - everything will fall into place."

Hmmm. While things tend to fall on top of me, rather than into place, I'm intrigued by this idea. Now I have to think of what my three things are. First draft:

  1. The ceremony - I really want the full metal Episcopalian ceremony, with eucharist (communion) because that is what we're all about. That's why we can't elope. Gotta have the church ceremony. Which means we also need to have a really good program since a lot of the guests aren't going to know what to do. I'm looking forward to putting that together.
  2. Is it horribly shallow of me to say that the dress I'm making is rilly rilly important? Not because it's this amazing dress, and anyway I still may look like a sea cow in it, but because it's the most tangible piece of wedding prep I'm doing. I don't think this even falls in the rules of the game, though, since the dress won't matter a bit on the day of the wedding. Unless it isn't finished in which case it will matter very much indeed, for different reasons. Reasons involving staples and duct tape. So, can I say that I value serenity? Nah, that's lame.
    I call a do-over, then. #2 is the cake, because Leigh is making it for us and it's going to be something fabulous.
  3. Plenty of food. I want leftovers, because that means there was enough food. Lots of talented people are helping with the food, and I have faith that it will be quite yummy. My anxiety is more about the quantity, because I hate the idea of running out.

So, what's not on the list -

  • flowers: I like flowers and all, but I'm having a hard time getting especially fired up about them. Maybe as the date gets closer. Since I'm not hiring a florist, there isn't a lot of time pressure to get excited about flowers.
  • centerpieces: see 'flowers' although I do find myself thinking about tablecloths a lot these days. I'll be looking for suitable fabric when we make the aforementioned Jessica McClintock outlet visit.
  • photography: We can't have photography during the ceremony, so that really cuts down on the need for a photographer (and also complicates scheduling because I would like to have the posed photos done before the ceremony, but then there's this dead space of an hour while the ceremony is happening). I don't actually have a contract with the photographer yet because I keep putting it off in order to mindfuck myself over the photography issue a little longer, and I really need to just deal with the fact that I want a photographer despite the scheduling oddity, and book them.
  • music: I also haven't actually booked Hookslide yet. That's just laziness, though. Must get on that.

I am the whiniest bride in the history of bridedom. All in all, I'd rather be in Vegas right now. And, in 48 hours, I will be! Whoo hoo!
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Thursday, September 19, 2002

Sara: If the skirt fits, you must acquit

I had lunch with Ryan today and she tried on the $1.70 Salvation Army skirt (see post yesterday re: skirt), and it fits! Whoo hoo! It's a bit big, actually, but nothing that I can't fix. Now we definitely need to go to the Jessica McClintock outlet, and see if they have any tops that look good with it. There's still the sewing option as well, of course, but given how behind I am on my dress, getting this one off my plate would probably be a good idea!
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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Sara: Early-morning humor

From my packet of oatmeal this morning:

Q. What do rock-n-roll singers use when they're hunting for treasure?
A: Heavy Metal Detectors

Thanks, folks. I'll be here all week. Enjoy the buffet.
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Sara: Martital Advice

This is a hard trait to incorporate for today’s woman, but it is a distinctly feminine trait. You can observe it best when you watch someone talking to a baby. You soften your voice, make nice faces and talk baby-talk and gibberish. You can use this same technique with a man. They find it fascinating even when used on a baby.

via Fascinating Womanhood, which is just the cutest widdle site ever, ooooh yes it is. Yes it is! Awwwwww.

Am I fascinating yet?
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Sara: Sally Army is my friend

I went thrifting at lunch today, and picked up a blue Watters & Watters silk bridesmaid skirt at the Salvation Army. For $1.70.

I think the color is slate blue, but it could be periwinkle (although it doesn't have a purple tone) - it's hard to tell from the swatches on the page. Or maybe it's a color they don't make any more - it's kind of a wedgwood blue.

Anyway, if it fits Ryan, cool, we can make a top to go with it and she'll be all gorgeous and stuff, and if not, then I have a bunch of pretty blue silk fabric to play with and I'm sure it will make some nice little sachets or pillows or whatever. It seemed like a good risk to take for $1.70.
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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Sara: Suicide Corset (dyed by my own hand)

Currently dying the lacing for my corset. It's really just a giant white shoelace, so I got some green dye (oh, and the official color name of my dress is now 'wasabi' although I had to settle for something lamer on the dye package) and it's currently soaking in a dyebath. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Dennis brought me flowers on Friday (which I 100% did not deserve, based on the fact that I was being a complete bitch) and they were yellow roses with mini-daisies. Really pretty. Today at work there were flowering daisy plants, which were centerpieces for Sunday's coffee hour. I'm starting to think about daisies. I think yellow roses (maybe one of the paler varieties, instead of screaming yellow) with mini daisies would make a great bouquet with the wasabi dress. And I already want to do Martha's daisy wreath for the front door of the church (the door we actually won't be using, since that one faces the parking lot and we're using the one that opens onto the courtyard). Hmmmm. Flowers. I must be interested in wedding crap again if I'm seriously thinking about flowers.

I've been sewing tonight, and working on the petticoat. Update. The corset is 90% done, and I have my bodice pattern, so I'll probably start the muslin for that soon. Weeeeee!
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Monday, September 16, 2002

Sara: Las Manos: The Hands of Fate

I've mentioned before that I have a thing for Mexican tin. I found this site which is full of fabulous bits. I just bought a bunch of Guadalupe fabric from Fabric Blowout, and since the robot fabric I had my eye on was discontinued before I could get off my butt and buy some, I think I'm using Guadalupe for the kitchen curtains. Which just opens up all kinds of decorating possibilities. Like a kitchen full of Mexican tin for starters. Ooooh yeah. [note: the views expressed here have not been cleared with Dennis, who of course can veto the idea of the Mexican kitchen]
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Sara: Diapers as theological device (warning: Sara gets all Jesus-y at the end)

I'm working with the Jr. High youth group at church this year. We had our second meeting yesterday, and, due to a serious lack of preparation on the part of the grownups (ok, me) we ended up using a lesson straight out of one of the zillions of 'how not to screw up youth group' books. It was good, actually, a nice discussion about Change, but one of the activities was downright odd...the book suggested that putting "diapers" made of bedsheets on each other would be a good way to illustrate change. Like changing diapers. Um, yeah. We didn't do that activity. The kids were not at all disappointed.

Youth group is fun for me. I had exactly one youth group experience during my severely traumatic adolescence, and let's just say it didn't go well. "Well, hi there, we've all known each other forever and what do you mean your family doesn't go to church, freak?" I didn't know diddly squat about God, and no one seemed to be in a big hurry to help me make sense of it all. I was way too fucked up for youth group when I was a youth. So, I guess part of me wants to go back to youth group and sing songs and talk about God and eat donuts. Hopefully, I will not have to diaper 7th graders at any point.

I have to get over being envious of people who got religious education as children. Seriously. It's hard, though; trying to piece together faith as an adult is an entirely different thing from getting it as a child. I don't want a child-level faith, full of magical thinking (Jesus will be sure I get a bike for my birthday if I say my prayers every night) and fear of God-as-angry-dad, but I do wish I had a broader base to build on. Sometimes I wish I could invoke Biblical stories with the ease that I do Simpsons plot lines.

I don't know what my faith would look like today if I had taken a different path. Maybe it really would look a lot like it does now. It's just hard to feel like the way I've done things is the 'right' way, though. On the other hand, I have a very strong sense of my faith as grace, and maybe I wouldn't have that if I'd never been without it.
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