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Friday, September 27, 2002

Sara: That's what it's all about.

I finally got around to actually booking Jon's band, Hookslide, this week. So, there will be music at the reception, yay!

They're giving me a great deal, but with the following caveats:
We add $50 for each mean thing you do to Jon between now and then. There's an extra $10,000 charge for the hokey pokey.

For the rest of the reception, we'll just play mix CDs that Dennis will make. He's also going to do a mix CD as a wedding favor for anyone who wants it. For the past year, he has produced seasonal mixes which go out to all his friends; I think we're burning 40 copies of the fall mix when it's ready. The problem with doing that many is that he won't be able to do custom covers for all of them. He has a stack of old men's magazines from the 60s and 70s, and he cuts ads and cartoons and fashion spreads from them for the CD covers. I'm not sure what we'll do for the wedding CD cover. I suppose my flipping-you-off (or is she?) bride will have to show up somewhere.

hmmm...rockfox is also talking about music over at I knew the bride when she used to rock and roll - is this some kind of official Week Of Thinking About Wedding Music? And is there a Blue Mountain e-card to celebrate it? Oh, wait - I don't work at Blue Mountain anymore, so I don't have to care! Heh!
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Thursday, September 26, 2002

Sara: Happy Birthday Ryan!

Today is Ryan's birthday, and we're all very, very happy that she was born!
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Sara: Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove

Listening to Leonard Cohen is really not a good way to motivate oneself for unpleasant tasks. Such as, say, getting all of one's stuff into boxes and dragging it across the San Francisco Bay. Moving sucks. I'm really not making a lot of progress tonight. Despite the fabulous garage sale, I still have entirely too much shit. And I have four days to get it out of here. Sigh. Suddenly I really wish I'd had the sense to cultivate friends with SUVs. My increasingly hoopty-esque Mazda 626 is just not up to all this. And, of course, this isn't exactly an ordinary move. This is combining two lives, one of which is messy and snores. Dennis thinks he can get used to it, though.

Ah baby, let's get married,
we've been alone too long.
Let's be alone together.
Let's see if we're that strong.
Yeah let's do something crazy,
something absolutely wrong
while we're waiting
for the miracle, for the miracle to come.

I'm going to be moving a lot of stuff into Ryan and Jon's garage, and then slowly introduce it into its new environment. Hey, it works with bald eagles, so why not with huge stacks of books? Those will have to wait until either the Ikea Fairy comes, or my Thrift Karma turns in the direction of furniture instead of bridesmaid dresses. Thrift karma is a harsh mistress.
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Sara: Silver lining

In going through some dust-encrusted paper on one of my shelves, I came across a printout of email between a girl in Paris and a boy in Amsterdam, about this time in 2000. Things had been going sooo badly on the Sara and Dennis Show before we left on our separate vacations, and then we started to reconnect via email while we were apart and, well, here we are. I'd been going into every cathedral I passed in Paris (and, if you've been there, you know we're talking about a lot of cathedrals) and praying for some direction and lighting so many candles. I had forgotten about the time in Chartres when I almost set my sleeve on fire. That trip was definitely an important event in my life. Things divide rather neatly into 'before' and 'after' at that point. My life rocks, even if I can't walk through my bedroom right now.
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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Sara: Vegas Brides

Vegas was extremely fun, as Vegas generally is (more on that soon), and we saw 3 brides. One looked very very sad; she was at the buffet at the Rio with her wedding party, none of whom looked happy. There was a story there, I'm sure.

Bride #2 was in the casino at Paris and she looked like she was about to bite the arm off a slot machine and chew it up. I didn't catch details on her dress as she stomped by.

Bride #3's wedding guests were assembling at the Excalibur as we ate ice cream nearby (Cold Stone Creamery...yum) and the bride was all smiley and had really pretty ringlets in her hair. Everyone looked happy to be there, which was a nice contrast to the others.

The net result of all this was to make me rethink my DIY wedding theory a bit, since I want to look like the happy bride and not like the snarly brides, and I'm just a bitch on wheels when I'm overwhelmed. No, really, I am. I've been completely awful for the past two weeks, since I'm in the middle of moving and 25 other things. What makes me think I'll deal with the wedding any better?

We can spend more on the wedding now that we're combining households earlier, so I could actually pay someone to make food instead of relying on my family and friends to do it. I'm starting to wonder if that wouldn't be a really good idea. Is it enough if my friends and I just do all the sewing and the flowers and the invitations and of course Leigh's pyrotechnic cake?
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