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Saturday, October 05, 2002

Sara: Settling in

Dennis' place is starting to feel like home at last. I finally have the network up and running, so my computer is set up in the bedroom, and I'm going to get my sewing stuff in place next. It's actually a small subset of my sewing stuff; everything that isn't wedding-project-related is in Ryan's garage.

I also set up my shrine this morning. It's just an odd assortment of random Jesus stuff and icons and a bunch of cathedral candles from Paris, but it's mine and it works for me. Most of the time I walk right by it and don't see it, but sometimes I look at it for a moment and remember that, oh yeah, I believe in a really loving God and everything is going to be ok.
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Sara: Big White Silk Bridal Butt

To clarify on the photo post, I'm not relying on disposable cameras...I may just skip them, actually. I had them for 1.0 and ended up with a bunch of kid-eye-level shots of my big white silk bridal butt. Not the most flattering angle. So, I'm thinking that I'll skip that expense and hassle.

My brother is a very good photographer and I'll be using him as backup, when the photographer isn't there. I considered having him do the whole thing, but that's a lot of work and he's got three little girls to help his wife wrangle as well. I don't think Scott or Beth would have as good of a time if he was primary photographer, and they're flying the whole family from Michigan to be here. I do think he'll get the best photos of the flower girls, since they're very very used to having him take their picture. And I want him to help me get some shots of the dress before I wear it, so I have a good record.

Other than that, we hope people will bring their cameras, and we'll hand off our digital camera to someone, and we'll see what we get!
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Friday, October 04, 2002

Sara: Photos!

We have a photographer! We're using Rocha Photo. They did Ryan and Jon's wedding, and were really nice to work with the day of the wedding, and I love Ryan and Jon's photos - even the ones that have me in them, which is saying something. I usually hate photos of myself.

We're only having them for a few hours, though. The rest of the day will be covered by friends and my brother (who is a big camera geek), but this means that they can have a few hours where they're off duty and can just enjoy being at the wedding. I think it's a good compromise.
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Thursday, October 03, 2002

Sara: WTF?

Brides Pay Princely Sum to Be Cinderellas

Opulent weddings are nothing new for the well-to-do. But in recent years, more people of modest means have been springing for ever more lavish ceremonies. Nationwide, the average wedding cost has risen to $22,360, according to Conde Nast Bridal Group, a division of Conde Nast Publications Inc. That's a 47% increase since 1990. The trend has helped fuel an array of businesses offering such diverse services as bridal carriage rides and fireworks displays.

Are weddings really 47% better since 1990, or just 47% more expensive?

We're having a cheap wedding. So, I suppose my options are to either come off as vaguely superior in my down-to-earthness because of this, or as bitter and jealous that we're not having a grand festivity. Hmmm. Which to choose.

I don't think either one fits, though. I know we're making the unpopular choice to go with something modest, but it's wedding 2.0 for both of us, we've done this before, and we don't intend to go into debt to throw a party for our friends. I mean, we love you, really, but not enough to be paying for this thing in 10 years. Our parents can't be expected to kick in for another round of pretty pretty princess. So, on a practical level, spending less on the wedding makes sense.

All that aside, though, having a huge lavish thang just isn't us. I don't think we would be ordering fireworks even if we had an extra $25,000 to spend.

I keep reading/hearing that the wedding is all about us, all about the celebration of us as individuals joining our lives. Something about that makes me deeply uncomfortable, because it's often used in a way that implies that we're the only ones who matter. Wha? I mean, Sara and Dennis are nifty people and all, especially the Dennis, but I don't think that the It's All About US! We're So Great! model fits. I mean, it's not as though we have this one perfect love and all other love is just a pale imitation. Sure, you THINK you're in love, but THIS is the real deal right here and you can just watch us be perfect. Bleh. Big secret: we are complete amateurs. Ask me about my irrational anxiety.

So, then, what IS it about if it's not All About Us? Not sure. I think I understand parts of it, but I don't see the whole picture. Certainly we're thankful for the ridiculous level of blessings we've received, from our unlikely meeting to this life we're creating together, and the amazing devotion of the people who are supporting us in it. That's a big chunk of what this party is about. I'm extremely grateful for the gift of Dennis - and also for the combined super-gift of Ryan and Jon and Leigh and Kat and my parents and Scott and Beth and Sarah and Mackenzie and Jadyn and my church and a lot of other people. Dennis and I didn't build this thing on our own, and I think the It's All About Us model of weddings likes to pretend that we did. Maybe some people do have self-made relationships, but there are a lot of people out there who took my phone calls at 1:30 a.m., and gave me pep talks, and prayed for me, and are very happy for me, and I think the day that Dennis and I get married is about that, too.

I sometimes overthink things.
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Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Sara: Happy Couple

Happy Anniversary to Ryan and Jon! They've been married two years as of today, and they had the Best Wedding Ever.

Happy Birthday to my now-former-housemate Eddie!
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Sunday, September 29, 2002

Sara: The Dogs Must Be Crazy

In addition to this weekend's moving adventure, I am also housesitting for a friend and taking care of her animals - 2 very bouncy yellow labs and 2 cats, one of whom is rarely visible. The dogs have been a lot of fun. Last time I took care of them, the younger one, Wooster, was just a puppy, and there was a Sock Incident. As in, he ate my sock early one morning. Picture a very panicked Sara at 5:30 a.m. trying to figure out how one gets a sock out of a puppy. Fortunately, the nice people at the emergency vet I called were able to talk me through giving him a hydrogen peroxide solution to make him throw up. He drank it (of course, the other dog wanted some, too, and I had to explain to him that it wasn't a good idea) and the sock returned. He tried to eat it again, but I pulled him away - I was really not prepared for that reaction, which shows you how little I know about dogs. Things have been much easier this time, and they've let me sleep in until 7:00 both mornings, which is very thoughtful of them.
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Sara: Boxes. Boxes. Boxes.

Moving is going rather well. Dennis and my friend Kathy came over yesterday and helped me move a ton of stuff over to Ryan and Jon's garage. There's not a whole lot left for Ryan and I to move this afternoon, except for some straggler boxes in the garage and some debris in my room that didn't make it into boxes yesterday. Oh, and the furniture. Yeah. That. 2 shelf thingies, my computer and its desk (reverse-Ikea-construction in my future today), and my bed. The bed may not happen today, if we can't get it into Ryan's station wagon (it's a futon, so it folds), in which case it will have to wait until Leigh returns this week (yay!!!!) with her pickup truck.

I'm working at the youth group car wash this morning during church. [song cue...workin' at the car wash...]

I was really freaked out Friday night, and had to get pep-talked by Ryan, because I didn't think I'd ever get this done, but Dennis and Kathy were so much help yesterday, and now it looks like everything will be ok. Dennis says there's a lesson in there somewhere. I'll let you know if I figure out what it is.
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