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Saturday, October 26, 2002

Sara: Flying Wads of Flowers

I'm thinking about gettin' my vintage on and carrying a prayerbook instead of a bouquet for the wedding. I have a green leatherbound Book of Common Prayer, which would match my dress.

Of course, finding photos of decorated prayerbooks is nearly impossible. I'm thinking something like a large corsage, attached to a ribbon wrapped around the book. There are very good corsage instructions in the wedding flowers book I'll be using, Creative Wedding Florals You Can Make, so I can adapt something from that.

Sudden mental picture of the bride throwing a book instead of a bouquet. Whoever gets knocked out cold will be the next one to get married. Or start a lawsuit.

Not that there will be any bouquet-tossing at the wedding. It's just not that kind of party. I don't have a huge problem with the bouquet toss as a practice, but I think it's more fun at weddings with lots of young single chicks, so everyone can go up for it or not without having it be a big deal. It was fun at Ryan and Jon's wedding because there was a big group and no one was being forced into it. It doesn't work with our guest list, though. Too much potential for people to feel weird and uncomfortable.
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Sara: Wedding books

coverI've managed to get through this planning process thus far without buying any books, except for the flower arranging book already mentioned today. Well, and some cake porn for Leigh, but I don't know if that counts.

So, what am I missing out there? I had a huge stack for wedding 1.0, so maybe I absorbed all the knowledge I needed then. Yeah, right. So, tell me, which books are worth it?

coverI like hanging out in the wedding book section of bookstores, but I haven't been motivated to buy anything. I can get pretty pictures of dresses and bouquets and tables and flowers for free online, so the big glossy books seem like $35 I don't need to spend. Since I'm pretty much my own vendor for most of the froofy stuff, it's not like I need to be able to drag pictures to the florist or whatever.

I do have a copy of Bridal Bargains, which used to be Ryan's - I had the first edition for 1.0, and I think it's on it's fifth edition or something now. It's a highly useful book.

So, spill - what is your favorite wedding book?
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Friday, October 25, 2002

Sara: Dress thoughts

I'm putting the bodice muslin together tonight. I've started a new sewing journal for it here but it's not very interesting yet. So, here's the thing - I'm starting to kind of like the idea of leaving the buttons on the front. (for those of you who aren't following this thing all that closely, there's an illustration of the pattern in the sewing journal)

Wacky, I know. I haven't seen any dresses that button up the front. But I think a line of covered buttons to match the dress would be pretty. Hmmmm. Thinking.
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Thursday, October 24, 2002

Sara: You think, so I don't have to

Thanks for all the great ideas, everyone! I think I'm leaning toward the marble magnets, which seem to be the Craft du Jour. Perhaps with decoupaged Altoid tins as a container.

Movie recommendation: the documentary Hell House. Ryan and I saw it last night at the Red Vic. (it's gone now; you'll have to track it down somewhere!) I was surprised by how moving it was - I mean, the people who put on this thing have a very different theology than mine, and I'm not about to embrace their evangelism methods, but damnit, they really believe in what they're doing, and they're good people. The director did a great job - it could have just been a Snark on the Fundies fest, but it's not.

I first heard about the movie on This American Life (the show it's on is called Devil on my Shoulder, and you can listen to it in real audio if you're so inspired), and the segment there did have a slightly superior-to-its-subject edge. Which made the movie's more neutral take on Hell House that much more of a surprise.

And it was just fabulous to finally have some hang time with Ryan - between me moving to Berkeley and Leigh coming back, we just haven't had a lot of time together.
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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Sara: She's crafty, and she's just my type.

Help me out here, people - I'm blanking. I need to come up with a good party-type craft activity to do in November, with a group. Something gifty. It's a church group, so the make-your-own-dildo kit from Good Vibrations is right out. Any other ideas?

I need something that is accessable enough for those who don't have the craft gene, and interesting enough for those of us who were born with glue gun in hand (our poor mothers!). So, you know, it shouldn't be hard to think of something. Hmmmm. Nope, still blank.

Must consult Martha, and Not Martha, and Crafty Chica.
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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Sara: Gushing

Wow, I really did screw stuff up at work yesterday. That wasn't just a joke. I messed up the calendar program reeeeal goooood.

People just plain rock, though. Everyone in my office is telling me to offload whatever I need to in order to feel caught up, which is so sweet. They're not even giving me the chance to get overwhelmed.

I got home tonight and took a very long and hot bath in the Best Tub Ever, and when I got out I had an email from Amazon, telling me that a reader of my site anonymously gave me a gift certificate! How insanely cool is that? Thank you, nice person!

I'm feeling very loved today.
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Monday, October 21, 2002

Sara: Better Living Through Chemistry

I went to the dr. today and got loaded up with antibiotics, so maybe I won't have to have bronchitis this year.

I made it to work this morning, but I was pretty glazed the entire time I was there. I'm sure I'll go back and look at everything I did and wonder where my brain was. I'll blame it on the fever. Yeah, that's it.
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Sara: Featuring a cast of thousands

What else wedding-related can I think about in my addled state...ah, ceremony programs. Have I blathered about that yet?

The only thing I know for sure about the program is that my brilliant artist pal Kat is going to design the cover. Or maybe the inner cover, if I decide to do a handmade paper outer cover because that's what Martha would do. {smack} I just like handmade paper. {smack} Ok, I'm a pawn in Martha's little game. Is that better? {nod} Fine.

Ok, so I don't know what it's going to look like. But I figure it's going to have to be fairly extensive. Not really fair to make people sit for an hour without a clue about what's going on up front. And there's a fair amount of Pew Aerobics in the service (sit! stand! kneel!) so people need to know where their bodies should be from moment to moment. Some of my imaginary friends @ Table Talk suggested that I recruit people to play Wack-A-Guest, which is like Wack-A-Mole except you pop people on the back of the knees when they're supposed to kneel, and on the head when they're supposed to sit. I guess you just gesture rudely when you want them to stand up. The large foam mallets are, of course, decorated with tulle and ribbons, so they're bridaly and festive.

While I think my nieces would enjoy being Wack-A-Guest enforcers, it might not add to that reverent feel that the Episcopal Church is so fond of. So I'm back to needing a program.

[total aside that has nothing to do with anything but is a Universal Truth: there is no polite way to gesture to your opposite sex co-worker that you would like to have a drinking straw brought to you. Just get up and get it yourself, even though he is over at the condiment rack and could grab it for you - if you could communicate said need. You cannot.]

I'm actually looking forward to working on the program, since I like the service so much. I really want to write something that lets folks know that they certainly don't have to come forward for communion if they don't want to, but that everyone is welcome at the table and the ceiling isn't going to collapse in on itself if they're at the altar rail. Hard hats will be available in the narthex for anyone who is concerned, of course. Taking communion in hats is not for amateurs, though. The hat brim/chalice physics can be a bit of a challenge, especially with inexperienced chalice bearers. I, of course, intend to have a crack team of trained professionals. Or a cracked team anyway.

I could write more, or I could have another slug of cough syrup and watch the 10:00 Simpsons rerun. And I think you know which one I'm gonna choose...
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