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Friday, November 01, 2002

Sara: Cake porn!

Oh my - these are amazing!
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Thursday, October 31, 2002

Sara: when you try thinking, it is funny

Article about Going Bridal in Japanese - can anyone tell me what this says? I tried the Japanese-to-English translator on Alta Vista, and, um, I don't think it's accurate. A sample:

So, when you think, perhaps whether it cannot substitute, the meeting which is installed in the program of the event not just wedding, using technology in advance, when you try thinking, it is funny. While one time glaring the program which was made, perhaps in order from to have the day effectively, in advance some kind of setting up wound possibility, it is possible to try thinking.

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Monday, October 28, 2002

Sara: BrideAudit!

A fabulous service from Going Bridal, because, babe, we care about brides!

A typical refrain on the wedding message boards goes something like this:

So, these deadbeats didn't give us a gift, but then a week later they bought themselves matching leather diamond-encrusted jumpsuits. They spend all their money sending their kids to ritzy schools/entering dog shows/playing water polo/buying those annoying kung-fu hamsters/etc., but they didn't give ME a gift!

My parents would rather go on vacation than buy me an $8,000 dress.

Clearly, the problem is that these people are just not aware of their financial obligations to YOU, the bride, the only person on the planet who matters, and have stupid ideas about their money being theirs to use as they see fit. Enter BrideAudit™! Hand your guest list over, and within 48 hours, we'll analyze the assets of ALL your guests, decide their appropriate level of giving, and provide you with invoices that you can include in your invitations.

It's not rude, it's helpful! Why should your guests worry about how much to give you? BrideAudit makes it easy! We use a top-secret formula which combines:

  1. how much money you're spending on the wedding
  2. the income, home, car, social status, and recent luxury purchases of your guests
  3. how many of their special events you have attended, and
  4. your insecurity level
to arrive at the magic number we call your Entitlement Factor™. After that, it's a simple matter of multiplying your Entitlement Factor times the total annual salary (before taxes - it's not your fault they have all those dependents!) of the guest, to arrive at the Minimum Suggested Gift (MSG). The MSG can be doubled or tripled to allow for additional family members. It's just so easy! Get what's coming to you with BrideAudit today!

As a special bonus, we'll show your parents how their retirement funds can be transformed into the wedding of YOUR dreams!
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Sara: It may be dangerous to tell Leigh about this

Glow-in-the-dark cakes. (Thanks, Not Martha!)

Lemme tell you about Leigh's BleedyCake for PumpkinFest this year (wow, that's too many InterCapped words). As always, it was a heart-shaped cake that bled raspberry syrup when cut. The twist this year is that it was an anatomically correct human heart. With gum-paste aorta and sculpted fondant veins and a hard candy shell that cracked when the knife hit it. I didn't have the digital camera with me, because Dennis was in Chicago with it, so we'll have to wait until her film is developed. But this was a work of art. Really.
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