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Saturday, November 23, 2002

Sara: Do you really need a quiz to tell you this?

The Bridezilla Test: Is Your Friend a Bad Bride?

There are three possible results, one of which is that your friend is just not stressed about her wedding enough and you need to start nagging her about it. Answering that your friend would order a burger and fries and not make a comment about fitting into her wedding dress will land her in that category. If you're eating actual food, you're just not being a very good bride, I guess.
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Sara: Invitation Mockery, er, Mockup

Presenting an overly-light photo of the mockup of our invitation:

It's a mockup for several reasons. For example, I didn't have the patience to find an x-acto knife, so the inner panel is cut with scissors. Badly. I also need to get a new black ink cartridge for the printer, so the text color is wrong. And I didn't feel like hunting down a bobbin with green thread in it, so the back is sewn with white thread. I was going more for concept here.

If I had managed to capture the actual colors, the back card is a dark spruce green, and the top card is speckled sage. The text color should be the same as the back card, but, um, it's not.

Oh, and there is a new post in the Bodice Sewing Journal. I am obsessing about sleeves.
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Sara: This is the cutest thing ever

Dennis and Clyde share a moment of grooming.

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Thursday, November 21, 2002

Sara: Reach out touch faith

Dennis found out this week that he is getting laid off from his job. I suppose I should be really panicky and worried about the future and omigod what does this mean for the wedding and how will we live and....?!?!?

I'm not. I'm just not. And it's freaking me out a bit, because I think this is what faith feels like. I know that we are going to be fine. I just know it. I can't get myself worked into an anxiety fest even if I wanted to, because everything is going to be ok. And people who know me know that I can get myself into an anxiety fest over just about anything. This sense of calm is not The Sara Way at all.

Of course, I'm cutting back on spending - in the words of Rod & Todd Flanders, Yay! Imagination Christmas! - and we'll be living really lean, but, um, so what? We've been wanting to live more simply anyway, and here it is on a platter. I tell you, the fingerprints of the Holy Spirit are all over this thing. (avoiding theological issue of whether or not the HS has fingers, let alone fingerprints)

What I don't want is for the boy to rush into another job because he thinks he has to. I want him to have a work life like mine - to do something that has meaning for him, for people he likes and respects, and basically just to do something life-giving. He hasn't had that lately. His job has been sucking the life out of him. I think he needs a break, to remember why the Dennis is an amazing creature. We're talking about him maybe getting something low-impact and fun, like working in one of the great independent record or video stores in Berkeley part-time, and focusing on his writing, and basically just giving him the space to see where he should step next. Something completely incredible is about to happen here, and I'm really determined not to get in its way. All manner of things will be well.
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Sara: Weird gift ideas

My office Christmas party (I work at a church, so we can call it a Christmas party, but it feels kind of weird after years of Winter Holiday Parties) will not feature a round of the game White Elephant. (you know, the game where you can trade gifts with people or open a new gift and there's always one highly-sought-after thing that people battle for). However, some of you may still get to play, so I offer a selection of sure-to-be-coveted treats, many of which are also suitable gifts for your strange friends:

Winning at Parenting Cassettes: The full title is "Winning at Parenting... Without Beating Your Kids" which sort of suggests that beating your kids is an option. Definitely a 'Why Does This Exist?' kind of item.

Mr. T Chia Head (insert gratuitous pity-the-fool joke here)

Dancing Christmas Flamingo

George W. Bush and His Family Paper Dolls - certainly I cannot be held responsible if you also purchase Glamorous Movie Stars of the Eighties Paper Dolls and dress up GW in, say, the Catwoman outfit. Or the Dangerous Liaisons outfit. Really, it's not my fault. I don't know where you got such an idea. There are so many fabulous paper dolls out there. Something for every in-joke!

Hungry Hungry Hippos Adults will pretend they're too cool to play, as their fingers itch to get to the controls.

Rockem Sockem Robots Game Glue down your robot's head to win every time!

The Gallery of Regrettable Food I freakin' love this book.

The Onion Ad Nauseam This will probably be the ubiquitous guy gift of the 2002 Christmas season, possibly even displacing the Far Side calendar. If you find yourself thinking 'gosh, I don't know what my brother would like' or 'we haven't been dating all that long and I don't want to give him something that looks like I'm too serious' then the Onion can save you.
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Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Sara: Movin' right along...

So, the venue change. Dennis and I have decided to switch churches, and become members at the church where I work. It was an extremely difficult decision, but I know we're doing the right thing.

We're having the reception there, too. I'm hoping for good weather so we can set up most of it out in the courtyard, and have the rest in the parish hall. The hall is less gorgeous than the one I was going to use before, but I think with a bit of work, it will look great. Any thoughts for what to do with a sort of generic room that has seen better days? The reception will be in the afternoon, which means I can't just turn the lights down and rely on twinkle lights and tulle to make it work. Hmmmm.
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Sara: Up the aisle, down the aisle

The church doesn't have a center aisle. Apparently this is enough to send some brides into fits; I'm like, shrug, whatever. We'll go up one, down the other. Easy.

What I am thinking about now is the configuration of the walk. I'd like Dennis and I to walk in together. We're going to be out in front of the church together when people arrive, we'll have just finished doing photos, and it seems kind of silly to pretend that we're seeing each other for the first time inside the church. I also don't really care about the 'OOOOH, look, bride!' moment/grand entrance. This way, we can have a few moments to ourselves with our friends in the narthex after everyone is seated, maybe do a team cheer (ggggooooooo WEDDING!) and then start the processional. And I can hold Dennis' hand the whole way if I want to.
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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Sara: Shoes!

I have my wedding shoes! They just arrived. It was so hard to find a shoe with a small heel, but I finally managed to do it. These are only an inch high. They're crepe fabric, with a satin ribbon at the toe. I'll probably get them dyed black after the wedding. For wedding 1.0, I really really cared about having silk shoes to match my silk dress, but this time I just don't think it matters. I have enough other things to worry about without obsessing about my shoes! I looked around online a bit and ended up getting them from shoebuy.com - between some coupons I found and my ebates discount, I ended up getting them for right around half price, including shipping. Which made them a bit over my $20 price target, but I'm still pretty content.

Now I can finish my petticoat, and start thinking about my skirt. Yay!
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Monday, November 18, 2002

Sara: Someone get me a forklift

The big news on the wedding front is that we're moving the wedding. Not temporally - it's still May 3rd. We're just going to have it at another church. More later!
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Sara: I Am A Bad Influence

I've been banned from Ultimate Wedding. Yup. They don't want my IP address over there now. It was the BrideAudit, wasn't it? Or maybe the Evil Wedding Planner?

I haven't posted in a while, so I think they just figured out the connection between my identity there and this scandalous web site. This is so exciting. I've never been banned before. I've especially never been banned for my behavior on a totally separate web site - my postings over there were all kinds of bland and there weren't all that many of them since I tended to be more of a lurker. I've been banned for this site, presumably for making catty remarks about unnamed message boards. Most of the time, I was bitching about the Knot, actually.
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Sunday, November 17, 2002

Sara: Weekend Update

I've been futzing with wedding stuff for most of the weekend. Yesterday, I went to the Hillsborough Antique Show with Ryan and Leigh. I almost bought a necklace for the wedding, but then decided against it before I got to the ATM. It was really pretty, but it was a semi-heavy rhinestone choker and I have, well, I have a rather short neck and a round face and maybe throwing a large choker necklace in there isn't going to help matters. My dress will have a very open square neckline (cleav-i-licious!) and I think I at least need to wear a similar neckline when I shop for a necklace to wear with it. Or then again maybe I don't even need a necklace. I mean, it's a possibility.

After the show, we went to see the new Harry Potter and it was very fun. We did not, however, stay to the end of the credits (jumbo soda syndrome) and I just saw on IMDB that there is an extra bit at the end of the credits. So, um, what is it?

Today I've been playing around with the invitation wording and font, since I want to start doing sample invitations this week. I've also been messing around with crystals and copper wire and I might be making a headpiece. Or making a complete mess. But it looks pretty good to me this evening.
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