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Thursday, November 28, 2002

Sara: I thank the Lord for the people I have found

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's a fun way to count one's blessings - try to come up with a guest list for the wedding! We are very, very blessed. And we are going to push this reception space to capacity because of it. I really really really hope we have good weather and can expand out into the courtyard. Or else it is going to be a very friendly kind of party.
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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Sara: Long weekends make me happy

I'm really looking forward to some uninterrupted crafting/sewing/hanging time this weekend. I'm going to make a bunch more garlands (I really hope I can find some pink felt!) and keep my embroidery machine humming for most of the weekend on that sage tulle, trying to work out the motifs for the bodice. I'd like to make a trip to the Jessica McClintock outlet to look at fabric this weekend, but part of my brain is screaming that this is the altogether wrong weekend to do it, so I may just listen to that and go later when it's not a holiday weekend. I'd also like to hit Kelly Paper to look for invitation stock, and they should be pretty dead so that's probably a better idea! Also, I really really need to do laundry.

There will be updates! Well, maybe not about the laundry.
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Sara: Design challenges

Can I just say that having colors picked out makes everything much easier? I resisted doing that for a long time, because I'm really not a theme-ish kind of person.

So, here is design challenge #1:

These things hang from the ceiling in the room where the reception will be. It's possible that I can have them taken down, but if I can't, I'm thinking that I will wrap each one in orange, pink, or yellow gossamer from shindigz. I ordered some of the white gossamer to check it out, and I think it will be highly useful. It's about the same price as tulle, but it's much more opaque. I'll probably get a 50 yard bolt of each color (yellow, pink, orange) and go a bit nuts with it.

I want to drape the back of the stage area where Hookslide will perform; right now, it has big tan panels and they're sort of, um, uninspiring. I can pin into the panels, though, so it will be easy to put gossamer over that area. I will probably put some polka dot garland over the fabric.

(That's a back view of Oscar, who unfortunately doesn't come with the room)

And our final major challenge, the accordian door. This hides the storage area for tables and such, as well as the sound system. We're planning to use the sound system to play CDs when Hookslide isn't on, so it has to be accessible. I may set up the punch & beverages table in front of the door, with enough space to be able to slip behind it to get to the sound system. The door is too tall to be able to cover it with folding screens. I thought of getting canvas (or El Cheapo Trigger poplin from Fabric Hell) and painting it (if Leigh is reading this, she's rolling her eyes, because she knows there's no way I can do that without her help) or maybe doing appliqued polka dots (using fusible web) and then tacking it up flat over the door. I think that would be a fun backdrop for the drinks table.

If anyone from the bay area is reading this, any ideas on places to rent linens? Ones to avoid? Cheap is, as always, better.
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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Sara: Felt up

The felt polka dot garlands are fabulous. I made 6 of them last night, using yellow, orange, and gold felt (Fabric Hell didn't have any pink felt, grrrrr). They actually don't look all that great if you look at them too closely, since my circle-cutting skills are none too impressive, but I wasn't going for perfection here.

To make them, I cut out a bunch of felt circles (equal to the size of the coaster tin on Ryan's coffee table, because that was the closest round object) and then glued two of them back-to-back with nylon thread between them. They're spaced the length of a Martha By Mail catalog apart. I'd finish one, plop the catalog down so the top edge touched the last circle, and then place the next one at the bottom of the catalog. I realize that this is a highly technical form of measurement which is not suitable for everyone.

My plan is to mount these on doweling or something so that they'll be easier to hang from the rafters in the reception room. - it's easier to hang one big thing than a lot of small things on invisible thread, especially when you're on a ladder 10 feet off the ground. But I haven't really thought this through entirely.
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Monday, November 25, 2002

Sara: Flowers

So, what flowers come in these colors? I'm mostly thinking of table flowers, so inexpensive is better. I saw stock in bright pink yesterday and thought that had potential. What flowers are orange? I'm so clueless about flowers.
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Sara: The green dress

A quick note about the green dress...one of the first things I did when I started thinking about this theme was stack up spools of orange, pink, and yellow embroidery thread with the green thread I'm using on the dress...it works. There's a yellow undertone to the fabric which comes out when it's next to warm colors.

Of course, these are the reception colors, and I'm not all that concerned about matching the room. Although I'm sorry that I won't be able to fade chameleon-like into the tablecloths.

I'm looking forward to going to the paper store and looking for new invitation paper in these colors! Maybe I can find a pink/orange duplex coverstock or something. Mmmmmm.

Huge thanks to madcarrot for pointing me to Fred Flare. I think the felt garlands are the solution. I'm going to pick up some felt this evening and try it out!
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Sunday, November 24, 2002

Sara: Yellow.

I am seriously considering going with
bright warm colors for the reception.

I blame Martha. Again. This photo is from her Summer wedding porn issue.

I really like the tissue paper decorations; I've been trying to think of something to hang from the ceiling, and while I think a few of these honeycomb tissue things would be cheesy, a bunch of them, as shown here, is rather festive. I'm also thinking of going to Japantown in SF and seeing about getting a lot of rice paper lanterns.

I can't tell what the dots are in this photo - I'm guessing they're paper circles suspended on fishing line. I like the continuity of the circle theme - if you can see the napkins on the table, they also have circles printed on them.

So, that's what I'm fantasizing about today. Big yellow circles.
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