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Saturday, December 07, 2002

Sara: Shopping Day

or, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Ryan and I went to a warehouse sale in San Francisco today. My biggest score: 15 yards of sage green silk duopioni, for $3 a yard. I am so very pleased. I think some of it will end up as flower girl dresses, and the rest will be, oh heck I don't know what it will be, but it's really close to the fabric I'm using for my dress and it was $3 a yard. I bought a few yards of other colors for Christmas projects.

We then went to Paper Source (aka The 'We Are So Much Cooler Than You Are And You Are Lucky We'll Even Talk To You' Paper Store) which was chaotic and insane and didn't have the orange and pink paper I posted a few days ago. Sigh. However, I saw it another colorway and I'm not sure the scale of the design would've worked anyway. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. Maybe I'll get one of their photo album kits and use that paper to cover it.

So, what did I buy?

I got this paper, which is orange text-weight paper with lighter orange dots. I also got cardstock and envelopes which are the color of the dots, and bright yellow vellum. My plan is to cut the cardstock to the invitation size, layer a slightly smaller piece of the dot paper over that, and then print the invitation on the vellum, cut slightly smaller than the polka dot paper, and sew the whole thing together with orange thread. The vellum is fairly opaque, so just the slightest hint of the polka dots comes through. I'll try to get a mockup done this week and post a picture.

I bought postcards for the reply cards. I'm going to do something creative with them. TBD.

I'm thinking that the American Bats stamps would look good with my envelopes.
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Sara: I believe everything the Bridal-Industrial Complex tells me.

I got a new wedding catalog in the mail...Jean M Wedding Essentials. The most amusing part is the advice pages which can basically be summed up as: Buy Stuff From Me. I love it when it is this blatant.

Q: Our reception hall said they can provide champagne flutes for the head table. My fiancé likes the idea because it will help cut costs (which we are sharing), but I’d like something more personal. How do he and I come to an agreement?

A: Discuss this openly with your fiance. Express how important you feel it is to have your own personalized toasting glasses and explain that they are not one-time-use items — they will be a memento of your wedding and fun to bring out on anniversaries! While providing the wedding party with personalized toasting flutes is not exactly necessary, you might suggest to your fiancé that the flutes can double as appreciation gifts. If this option interests you, take a look at our affordably priced toasting flutes.

I have to admit, Dennis and I have not discussed this openly. I'm a seething cauldron of rage over the toasting flute issue. It's tearing me up inside. Um, no.

I'm having a small cheese attack and really wanting personalized cake napkins. Yeah, I know. Jean M does seem to have the best non-stupid little designs for napkins. I like this little cake. I mean, it's better than little kissing angels or crap like that.

The other thing I feel strongly about: cocktail monkeys. Of course, they come in 4 colors and the blue ones don't go with my super-special theme colors, so they have to go. The red ones are sort of borderline, but I'll let them stay. Which means that we'll have to have a Blue Monkey party at some point.

There are now Bridezilla thongs available in the Bridezilla Shop.
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Friday, December 06, 2002

Sara: Deck the halls with something something

I'm going to decorate for Christmas this weekend. No tree for us this year, since I still have a lot of things in boxes sitting around the apartment and I really don't know where we would put one. And then there's that whole poverty thing.

I already have our nativity set out. Last year, I bought the starter pieces of Department 56's nativity village, after looking for a nativity set for a while; it's not an easy thing to find the right one. Dept. 56 is the maker of fine Christmas Villages, which means that we can keep adding new stuff to the scene. Of course, eventually we'll run out of pieces in the nativity collection, but it's the same scale as the other villages. Which I think means that eventually the shepherds may be herding some pink flamingos from the Christmas at Graceland series. I'll deal with the theological implications of that when it happens.

Clyde jumped up into the middle of the nativity set last night, and we tried to remember if any of the gospels mentioned a giant feline knocking over the shepherds. O little town of Bethlehem/ how still we see thee lie/ above thy deep and dreamless sleep/ the swat-ing paw of Clyyyyyde.

I'm not a big collectibles person, actually. We have our Simpsons action figures, of course, and my mom has been buying me the Swarovski annual snowflake ornament for ten years now and I love those, but I'm not into collecting a bunch of one specific thing. Christmas is my big exception, I guess, since it's stuff that comes out once a year and then goes back into hiding (although I did leave my crystal snowflakes up until, um, June last year because they were so pretty in front of the sliding glass door). I also remember playing with the nativity set when it came out at Christmas, and I guess I haven't really matured past that, so I want lots of animals and shepherds and things to arrange. I'm not adding any new pieces this year, though.

I think I'll hang the crystal ornaments in front of the window in the kitchen, since I still haven't started making the curtains for it, and that window gets a good amount of sunlight. I've even managed to keep a plant alive there, which may be the first time I've ever had a plant and not killed it.

I have some other ornaments that I'll hang up around the apartment. I'm looking forward to a mellow Christmas, though. Last year I ran myself completely ragged; I was over-committed at church, I was trying to make a lot of presents, and we were trying to push out a big project at work (so that they could lay us off at the end of January), and really I just didn't enjoy Advent or Christmas very much. I'm hoping for a different outcome this year.
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Sara: Brainstorm

Take a look at what my sister-in-law is doing: Brainstorm Bear. She started this great program for kids with epilepsy (like her middle daughter, the fabulous MacKenzie) and it's really taking off and making kids happy. I'm so impressed. Beth totally rocks. I'm incredibly glad she picked my brother!

MacKenzie is on a new treatment and is doing very well, which has us all jumping for joy.
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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Sara: Festive Tree Pulp!

Thanks for the pointer to Paper Source, emz. They have a store in San Francisco, and Ryan and I are going there on Saturday to fondle invitation paper. Whee! They have some gorgeous orange and pink paper on their site, but of course they don't tell you how heavy any of it is, so I'm glad I can go and play with it in person. If it's all text weight, I'll just layer it on some cardstock, which I'm sure they also have.

Part of me feels silly for being so fixated on the invitations right now, but then I remember that I'll be making 50 or 60 of them by hand and should really get on that in the near future. It's not like I have nothing else to do.

Must resist urge to make my own envelopes. I found this site with envelope templates (scroll down past the weird paternity test banner - um, is there a lot of overlap between people who make envelopes and people who don't know who fathered their children?), and started thinking, hey, I could make matching envelopes out of the cool paper! If I start doing that, I hope someone is standing by with a tranq dart, because it means I have gone right over the edge. I do not have time to make envelopes. No matter how adorable they would be, with their little sewn-together sides and ...TWACK!!!!.... mmmmm, sleepy.
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Monday, December 02, 2002

Sara: Tiara Time

New rule: Dennis must model all of my wedding accessories for the website. Here he's demonstrating good beauty pageant winner form. He's half a second away from thanking God and his mama. Putting a tiara on someone always brings out an interesting side of the personality. Must investigate this further.

Looky! Tiara!

Basically, it's a bunch of green crystal beads, some clear ones, some peridot chips, and a lot of copper wire. The base is a metal double headband I bought at Lacis.

I may make a few small refinements (i.e. take it apart and do it over 12 or 13 times). There are still some things I'm not thrilled with, and part of me just thinks it's too big, so I'm not calling the what-to-plop-on-my-head question solved. Not yet. I have more obsessing to do.

Oh, and there are new horrors in the Cavalcade of Bad Bridal Fashion.
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Sara: Bargain shoes!

Yeah, I know, I already bought shoes for the wedding and don't need to buy them again. But I'm thinking of you here! There's a huge sale on dyables wedding shoes, at least half off and free shipping.

Go to Zappos.com, click the On Sale tab, and then search on your size and 'white' and you'll see a bunch of cute bride shoes for half off! You can also get 'em in black if you have swanky places to go for the holidays. I've bought, um, too many shoes from Zappos and I really like them, because shopping for shoes in stores frequently makes me cranky. I know, it's like I'm not even female or something.

They also have a bunch of Ecco shoes, which are my favorite, on sale. Must...resist....
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Sunday, December 01, 2002

Sara: Everything is in progress

I've figured out the embroidery for the bodice, and have started stitching it out. More in the sewing journal.

I found pink felt this weekend, and will be making a bunch of pink circle garlands. Yay!

I think I may have a viable headpiece in progress. Photos will be taken as soon as I can show it without 3 pages of explanation about how it's supposed to look.

Went to Kelly Paper, but didn't see anything like what I have in mind for the invitations. Will have to continue looking.
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