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Saturday, January 25, 2003

Sara: Invitations!

I think I've found my I-don't-haveta-make-them invitations:

These are sufficiently goofy and non-formal and fit with the kind of mood we're going for.

They're by Carlson Craft; now I just have to find the best discount possible to order them! I found a couple of places that do 35% off - I'm looking to see if I can find 40%.
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Friday, January 24, 2003

Sara: Double-digits

So, May 3rd is now 99 days away, which means the threashold has been crossed and I no longer have the luxury of triple digits. Trying to remain calm. Trying to remain calm.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Sara: Comments Return

Ok, I have a new comments system in place here. I'm not especially amused that I had to do that, and I'm still in the process of restoring old comments, but, hey, it's something! So, comment away. And please give me a few days to restore the old ones!

As a super-bonus, this new script (by snorland.com) has a better grasp on the comment-count thing, and my pages are loading faster. Keen!
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Sara: hi, my name is Sara, and I'm a bride.

So, last night was the Wedding Summit, although I think it turned into more of a wedding intervention. We had a room full of a dozen women, a toasted almond cake, and pretty much all of us talking at once. People, for whatever reason, this girl is loved. The most incredible things are coming together around this wedding.

There is a food team, a decoration team (male and female divisions), someone in charge of music, a bartender, a clean-up crew, and operators standing by to jump in and help with anything. Ryan's role has been defined as Keeping Sara From Freaking Out on the day before the wedding and the day of. Also keeping me away from all of the above-named groups of people, who are smart enough to realize that having a stressed-out bridal unit around isn't going to help them get stuff done. This is me prying my fingers off the controls. All of them. Which is proving to be easier than expected; I haven't figured out how much of that is that I'm just ready to lay this burden down, and how much is that I really do have total faith in the people who are jumping in to help. The food will be wonderful, the room will be beautiful, everyone will have a great time.

Kind of nice not to be fighting grace for a change.
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Sara: Invitational

You know what comes along with turning this into a community event? Exponential guest list growth! This is going to be a blast. We're looking at around 175 people now.

The thing is, I'm also looking at needing around 100 invitations, and I have enough supplies to make 50 of my insanely elaborate stitched invitations. Getting more of the paper really isn't a big issue, but constructing them is. I have plenty of offers of help with this, but I'm now wondering if I should just scale back the silly things. It's one thing for me to do something ridiculous and fussy, but asking other people to participate in this level of madness is uncool. The invitations feature 3 layers of paper sewn together, one of which is vellum, and it's really a pain in the hinder. It's also hard to get them perfect, not that I care about them being perfect, but it's still hard if you're doing something for someone else and you're spending all your time second-guessing what she means by 'not perfect' - my not-perfect is a coupla miles away from, say, Martha's, but it's still an intimidating project.

So now I'm back to looking at invitations. I'm sure I'll find another way to use the paper I already bought. Maybe I'll use the vellum to make cones for the salted nuts Ryan and I are going to make.

I'm semi-tempted to just find something non-awful in one of the invitation catalogs and go with that, although it totally violates my Make Everything As Complex As Possible plan.
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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Sara: Match made in heaven

Salon published my submission for their Match Made In Heaven/Match Made in Hell series about online dating. Yay! Gosh, what a cute story. Well, maybe not all that cute. Sort of a cross between cute and sleazy. Yeah, that works. That's us.

The other story on that page is really depressing, though.
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Sara: Wedding reading

A couple of weddy links: (they're like smokey links, but with kind of a tulle aftertaste):

The Morning After: The grander the wedding, the greater the chance of postwedding blues

Admit the wedding is over. Weeks, months, even years go into planning - you know who you are - and sometimes it's hard to move on. But remember, you don't want to become a tragic anecdote. "The wedding was her whole life," one wedding consultant remembers of a client who had a bad case of living in the past. A year later, she still hadn't picked up her preserved bouquet; nothing says the party's over more effectively than embalmed flowers. Although she loved her photographs, this newlywed refused to pick them up. At a cousin's wedding, she broke down sobbing because she felt the ideas for the floral arrangements had been stolen from her wedding.

and snarkin' on favors: Thank Goodness for Small Favors Because the permanent, embossed variety is destined for the remainder bin

Wedding advice from tomato nation.
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Sunday, January 19, 2003

Sara: Helper Monkey

I've been at our diocesan convention in Monterey for the past two days. I was the helper monkey. I ran the PowerPoint presentations, and input the election results (my friends all won! yay!) in a frantic hour of typing so that we could project those on the screen. Apparently this is a highly valued skill in the diocese; it's kind of amusing when something that seems like a basic life skill makes everyone else jump back like 'ooooh, the shaman will now do her magic!' Of course everyone was hugely appreciative and kind (there were a couple of glitches) and that always makes things more fun. Now that I've been to the convention, of course I have all kinds of ideas for how we can make the presentation a lot better for next year. I'm looking forward to working on it - in about 10 months!
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Sara: Oh, look, I can do something other than work!

This coming week could just about be normal. We've got our parish annual meeting coming up on the 31st, so next week may be a bit, um, interesting, but I think I may be able to work semi-normal hours this week and maybe pay a bit more attention to the rest of my life. This makes me unspeakably happy.

Dennis has been working quietly in the background...I came home from the convention yesterday to find that he had organized some of my sewing stuff, and hung up my thread rack. He's done a lot in the past few weeks to make our apartment into our home, and less like the place where much of my stuff is still in boxes even though I've been here a while.
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