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Saturday, February 08, 2003

Sara: brides who work too much and the grooms who want to strangle them

It would appear that we're going to spend a lot of our premarital counseling discussing the basic fact that Sara Works Too Much. The main reason this is an issue is that I work too much. I really do. There's a thin line between dedication and being obsessive, and I may have crossed that. I probably wouldn't have been so sick this week if I had taken care of myself the previous week, instead of working late every night. I'm so far gone, I can't even see how I could have managed that, though. It's not even that I have evil overlord bosses forcing me to work these hours, either. It's all coming from me. No one would care if I went home when I'm supposed to, or if I actually left the building for lunch, or did anything else to take better care of myself.

This is a premarital counseling issue because when I work late, I get home late, and I'm exhausted and it's not much fun being the other half of a couple with that person.

The fact that I love what I do is part of it. I have a lot of fun at work; I work with great people, I really like seeing everyone from church, and there's always something interesting going on. Sometimes I really do just lose track of time and suddenly realize that it's after 6:00 and I should be on the road. What I'm doing usually doesn't feel like work.

I do have too much to do; there's no way anyone could do everything that I need to accomplish during a normal workweek. It's just not possible. That is the nature of all non-profits, though. There is too much to do and not enough people to do it. The sane person would deal with this by saying NO sometimes. As in, no, that isn't going to happen unless this other stuff gets offloaded or ignored. Sara says, sure, I think that can happen, and then works like a frantic little bunny trying to get it all finished. Then starts feeling really overwhelmed and panicked and scared. Is this any way to live? I think not. Now I just have to come up with a solution.
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Thursday, February 06, 2003

Sara: Wedding Porn

Can you believe I'm still sick? I actually went to to dr. yesterday, and he loaded me up with antibiotics and cough syrup and a stern lecture about taking it easy. Which I have proceeded to take, take while making a horrible face, and mostly ignore.

While I was at Walgreen's getting my prescriptions filled last night, I found some fabulous new wedding porn! Better Homes & Gardens Simply Creative Weddings. It has lots of yummy recipes and very clever paper things and a silly article on wedding dresses that they weren't all that into doing. It's all stock photos from The Knot with text like:

OPPOSITE: The discipline of Justina McCaffrey's beaded strapless bodice and scoop basque waist bursts into an effervescent bubble-shape cathedral skirt.

Does not. Now I have to be worried about the discipline of my bodice?

They have instructions for making wedding pinwheels. Don't worry, I've already been talked out of it, but pinwheels! Wedding pinwheels! There are lots of pretty things involving flowers in paper cones. If I hadn't already offloaded the flower function for the wedding, I'd be all over making the paper cones and hanging them everywhere. But, of course, my hands are off the controls there. La la la.
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Sara: imprinting: it's not just for ducks anymore

Has anyone ever seen anything, um, subversive done with those little imprinted favor ribbons/napkins/boxes that are in all the invitation catalogs? It seems like they could be an opportunity for all manner of hijinks.

ribbons: I went to Dennis and Sara's wedding and all I got was this stupid bell.
napkins: Do you know how long it took the bride to pick these stupid napkins? DO YOU?!!?
favor box: Warning: contents (and bride) under extreme pressure. Do not taunt.

This is some really good cough syrup, I gotta say. I still feel like crap on toast, but I don't...care...as...much...
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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Sara: Nothing says love like bridezilla panties

Valentine's day ordering deadline for the Bridezilla Shop is Wednesday. I'm not sure how many people have bridezilla t-shirts and thongs on their valentine wishlists, but there you go.
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Sara: The Veiled Threat

Apparently, it is perfectly normal for brides who have sworn for months that there will be no, repeat, no veil on the bridal head to suddenly break down and get all schmoopy over the thought of wearing a freakin' veil. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this is often brought on by having a veil popped on one's head during a dress fitting.

For me, it's the fact that I have a lot of sage green tulle, and have been playing with it quite a bit, and sometimes it lands on my head. Now, I know that wedding 2.0 means no veil. I can deal with that. Really. I just like putting tulle on my head sometimes. I also like putting the cat on my head sometimes. And putting tulle on the cat's head.

I've developed about 10 different justifications for wearing a veil, of course. I won't wear it over my face...it's green, not white...it wouldn't have to be poofy. Ack. I'm a rationalization machine.

I'm not going to do it. I'm not.

Can I put a veil on the beetle, though? I'm thinking a nice big tulle bow, tied around the top, through the windows. The antenna would keep it from slipping down. Of course, I did get the car used, so maybe the 2.0 rule applies there as well.
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Monday, February 03, 2003

Sara: Of course it's stuck.

I got the free ring sizers I ordered from e-weddingbands.com. They're very nice little blue plastic rings, stamped with the ring size. My ring size is 6.5, although my engagement ring is a 7 because that's just the size it was. I am not, however, a size 6, and I have the baby-oil-scented, scratched-up ring finger to prove it. A normal person would've stopped at the knuckle, but noooooo. I had to push right past, and then it was stuck. Sigh. I am not a clever girl.

They do have nice basic wedding bands on the site...nothing that will work with my antique ring, but some possibilities for Dennis. Also, be sure to look at the list of wedding band engravings, including the geeky:
PDM 1 of 2 Assimilated 24-11-00 (his)
MLR 2 of 2 Assimilated 24-11-00 (hers) (resistance was futile)

I would love to know the story behind Spherical chicken in a vacuum.
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Sara: You - out of the gene pool. Now.

A wedding website I would love to see, as described in Etiquette Hell:

So, in July, I receive an email from the couple that directs their guests to a "wedding website". The email with the website link also mentions that there are TWO gift registries on the website. So, we find the website.....!

The website mentions clearly that the couple prefers "cash gifts" and "gift certificates" from specific stores. It also mentions that they would like "cruise dollars" for the Honeymoon cruise. In the NEXT breath, the site mentions that the "dinner guests" will enjoy a meal of prime rib (etc.) immediately following the ceremony (the wedding is at 3:00 PM and the "dinner reception "is at 5:00). The "other guests" are invited to a cocktail reception at 7:00 PM!!!

Oh, but it gets better! The couple add that if you would like to "catch some dinner", there is a "McDonald's down the way"!! I swear I am not making this up!!

So, this "cocktail reception" consists of a CASH bar and dancing.

Lets sum up, shall we? After SHAMELESSLY soliciting for CASH, this couple has bragged to all their guests that the A LIST will be dining on prime rib, etc. - but the B LIST is welcome to McDonald's if they happen to be hungry at dinnertime while they wait 2-3 hours for the cocktail hour to begin.

Wow. Just wow.
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Sunday, February 02, 2003

Sara: Etiquette Hell

There's a big ol' update over at Etiquette Hell! Warning: you will not re-emerge for several hours.
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