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Thursday, March 20, 2003

Sara: A plan!

I have a plan...I'm going to see my very fun and wise friend Judith in Pasadena. It's about a six hour drive, although I may do a few side jaunts. That poppy field someone mentioned in the comments sounds amazing. I'm taking my Buddy Christ statue along with me for photo ops.

In other comments, I'm not sure that I'm going through an early midlife crisis...I prefer to think of it as a growth spurt. Dennis and I are both in the middle of rapid, large growth spurts. I feel really awkward and ungainly and like my limbs are flapping all over the place. I am very far away from being cool right now. If there were a dodgeball game today, I would be getting slammed with red rubber balls left and right. I'm just going to be dorky for a while and be okay with that.

I'm looking forward to the trip. I'm sure I'll miss Dennis a lot, but the time apart will be good for us. Judith and I always have a blast together. A few years ago, she rented a house in Provence and I went and stayed there for almost a week, bookended by several days in Paris on my own, and had the most fun. I have some great Buddy Christ en Provence photos from that trip. She's a docent at the new Getty museum, specializing in children's tours, so we're going to spend a day there. I suspect the kid tour is more fun than the grownup one.

I love travelling solo. I thought I was the shit when I flew to France, and then I ended up sitting next to...people from my hometown. Who knew my brother. Talk about a buzzkill. So much for my Super Cool Solo Travellin' Chick Who's Got It Going On vibe. I managed to reclaim it about a day later, although my experience getting horribly lost on the Metro upon arrival didn't help my groove much. Really, I'm no stranger to this dorkiness thing.

I'm leaving Saturday morning, and will be back sometime next week.
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Sara: Tea Towels...of the {{{{FUTURE}}}}

Whoo hoo, my order from Sublime Stitching just arrived, so now I have a fabulous portable project to take with me! I'm doing the Atomique design. I'm starting with a tea towel, and then I'll be moving on to...gosh, I don't know! Jeans? Curtains? I'll be an embroidering machine! Well, not like the embroidering machine I already have. I'll be a hand embroidering machine. Oh, never mind. I'm just jazzed about getting going on this. I've been kind of adrift because I have no projects left, since it's been All About The Dress for so long. A project-less Sara is a sad thing to behold.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Sara: ...but I'm doing MUCH better

Ok, Tuesday is looking way better than Monday. I hung out with Ryan last night, watched a horror movie (City of the Dead, aka Horror Hotel - when visiting the City of the Dead, stay in the Horror Hotel!), and ate entirely too much Phish Food. All of which was highly medicinal. I also got all our laundry done, which felt like more of a triumph than it really should have.
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Sara: and you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?

I'm leaving on a road trip on Saturday. Not sure yet where I'm going...I'm trying to get in touch with a friend in So. Cal I've been wanting to see for ages, and if that works out, I'll go visit her, and if not, well, I'll get me a plan B. Me & my beetle are gonna have us an adventure. All I need now is a cooler full of Diet Coke, some perky new road music, an MP3 player full of audio books, and gas and a map and some other stuff. Open road! Whoo hoo!

I haven't done this in forever. Back when I lived in Michigan and was in college, I used to drive ten hours across Canada to get to my boyfriend in Rochester NY, blasting The Cure or Siouxsie or Love & Rockets or whatever else found its way into my tape deck. I loved that drive. It was way more freedom than I was used to at the time. I'm hoping to reclaim a bit of that feeling. I got a bit of it today when I was called out to the garden at work and saw that the daffodils have exploded today. They're everywhere, they're gorgeous and yellow and they just look like hope to me.

However, based on last night's movie, I will not check into any New England inns built on the spot where witches were burned at the stake. You just can't be too careful.
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Monday, March 17, 2003

Sara: Abyss, meet Sara. Sara, Abyss

...in which Sara pretty much hits rock bottom. Or so she hopes, because if it gets worse from here, she's just not sure she's on board for it.

Yesterday was Crying Day. Skipped church, skipped everything. Today isn't going to be much better, except that I have to go to work and I'm just not sure how that's going to work out. Right now, I'd just like to quit the job and move to another state with no forwarding address left behind. Nothing to prove I was ever here, taking a perfectly decent life and thoroughly fucking it up.

Facing people is turning out to be the hardest part of all this. I suppose I should be happy that I'm providing people with some amusement, or at least a nice schadenfreude session. Which isn't even true; no one has been at all snarky with me, but it helps if I can get all defensive about everything. Ok, maybe it doesn't help at all, but I'd really prefer to just hide.

And then of course I have to remember that God wants us to live in communities, and I don't have a hall pass to get myself out of that requirement. Which is further proof that I am not God, because I would have this whole other system where I would be able to go off and lick my wounds and go for full-immersion self-pity and get all defensive. Screw this enduring the beams of love crap. I want to feel sorry for myself. I want to be a tragic figure. What I really really don't want is for anyone to love me right now. I just can't take it.
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