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  Who's Who The Date
This wedding is going to happen on May 3, 2003, whether or not Sara is finished sewing her dress!

The Setting
The San Francisco Bay Area. Our story takes us from Menlo Park, former home of Sara and site of the wedding, a few miles up the road to Redwood City, home of Ryan, Jon, and Leigh, and then across the bridge to Berkeley, where Dennis and Sara live.

The Bride (Sara)
Sara is very pleased to be 32. She used to be a web designer but decided not to live in a cube any longer. Past places of employment include Excite@Home (kaput) and Blue Mountain. No, it is not her fault that you now have to pay to send e-cards with dancing hedgehogs on them. She was just the html monkey who made the pages work. Not that this was enough to let her keep her job; she got laid off with the rest of the office earlier in 2002. Best thing that ever happened to her, really. Now she works in a church office and is happy as the proverbial clam. Sara is full of great joy. She is making her dress for the wedding, along with as many other dresses as she can manage and still keep her sanity. She should really be sewing right now, in fact. Her other site is sewgeeky.com

The Groom (Dennis)
Dennis rocks. He's a 34-year-old writer-with-a-day-job who lives with an open heart. He owes Sara a better bio to put on this site. You can read some of his music writing on JamBase.

The Matron of Honor (Ryan)
Alternate titles: Matron of Horror, Co-Conspirator. The least matronly of matrons, Ryan has the unenviable task of keeping Sara from going completely bridal. She also gets to be the only grownup in the chick side of the wedding party, since the other bridesmaid will be 12 years old. Ryan has an amazing brain and a cool web site.

The Groomsman (Jon)
The guy who gets to be married to Ryan, who is also entirely blessed to be with him. Sara's favorite couple ever. Jon sings in a professional a cappella band when he's not running databases and servers and such. He can make a lot of cool noises with his face, since his specialty is vocal percussion. Jon gives great hugs. He's a head or so taller than Dennis, so it's fun to watch them hug.

The Baker (Leigh)
Ryan's sister and the other half of their web site. Leigh is an enormously talented artist. She's a theatrical set designer, who also turns her talents toward pumpkins (look for her work in the Pumpkin Masters 'Creepy Crawlers' pattern book - she's been a winner in their contest more than once!) and, important in this context, cakes. Leigh's cakes are mind-boggling feats of confectionery engineering. Sara is completely thrilled that Leigh will be making the wedding cake!

Other Folks
As I mentioned above, I'll have a Jr. Bridesmaid, my niece, Sarah. Her sisters will be flower girls. MacKenzie will be 8 and she'll be the Lead Flower Girl, and Jadyn will be 2 and a half and will be...well, she'll be two and a half and will do whatever she feels like doing! They'll both have pretty poofy dresses.