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This SO looks like my 1986 prom dress

From the manufacturer's description: This gown is the ultimate in femininity and romance. Fitted bodice. Sweetheart neckline and ladylike puff sleeves are edged in lovely floral lace trim. Full skirt has double ruffle flounce with bow trimmed Cinderella pick-ups. Fully lined. All colors come with white or ivory lace.

Oh, so THAT's what femininity and romance are supposed to look like. I've really been doing it wrong.

This is the dress I use to threaten Ryan - if she's not a good Matron of Horror, she's wearing this. In teal. With matching parasol, floppy hat, and fingerless gloves. Oh yes.

I'm sure the people who make this dress would like to take it out back and shoot it, since it's a total 80s holdover, but they probably sell just enough of them to justify keeping it in the catalog. Some people have to go to work and do things they're not proud of.

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I shall call her...Mini-Me

Yes, that's the most obvious joke ever. I'm sorry.

Maybe somewhere this is considered perfectly normal, but it creeps me right out. Little girls dressed up as brides - icky icky icky. Especially when they've stolen hair from The Thompson Twins.

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I saw this in the window and just had to have it. Ok, it was actually ON the window, but it's just the prettiest curtains ever!

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I've been up on this ledge for days. Won't someone please come and rescue me?

(dress: kinda pretty. photo: downright silly)

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