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I'm getting a message from the mother ship - wait, let me adjust my antenna a bit...

There's kind of a cheesy Flash Gordon feeling to this head-thingy. Or maybe she just escaped from a Thai restaurant menu.


You won't think it's so funny when the giant space spiders show up


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Marching Trojans

This looks exactly like the hat my brother wore in our high school marching band. And not in a good way, either.

Yeah, we really were the Trojans. Shudder.


I can't find my bouquet. I've looked everywhere for it.

What? Do you know where it is? I haven't seen it since I sat down over there. It's just gone.

Why are you laughing? Help me find my frickin' bouquet!


This looks like a job for...American Maid!

I've gotten a few suggestions via email for these (seen any horrible dresses out there?).

Maybe they work if you're getting married on the 4th of July. Or in a fireworks factory. Or to The Tick.

Why does she have to prop her head up like that? About half the photos from that designer have that same pose. Is it a salute? A secret code? Will her head fall off if she moves her hand?


Believe it or not, I'm walking on air

PhotoShop is a weapon in the wrong hands.

disclaimer: dress may not actually give you the ability to defy gravity. use at your own risk.


This used to be my bedspread


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