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    Cavalcade of Bad Bridal Fashion
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The Magic 8-Ball Bouquet Says: dress hazy, ask again later


In the event of a water landing, the big tulle puffs on your arms will act as flotation devices

GothSimon Says...put your hands on your head!


I'm ready to do the Chicken Dance now!


Taking School Spirit Entirely Too Far

[from the description]
Go Vols! This gown was created with the UT VOLS in mind. It’s a size 10-12 consisting of two pieces. The top is orange with white ties in the back making it somewhat size adjustable and the skirt is the same orange with white taffeta side panels. Both pieces are fully lined and ready for wear. This gown was intended to be a theme wedding gown but it could also be worn for a prom or any other formal event.


Children Included. In fact, they're attached.


No longer cute, the former Doublemint Gum twins turned to lesbian wedding porn

[great, now I'll get a billion more search engine hits on 'wedding porn']

Is this ad bold and progressive, or cheesy and exploitive? I can't even tell anymore.

I will now perform an interpretive dance entitled, My Special Daaaay


A dress you really can wear again - in Disney on Ice


We're having a theme wedding. The theme is 'Muppets'


First Dance is different from Lap Dance


This could take the Dollar Dance to dangerous new places


Even in a downpour, the bride stays dry, thanks to her HeadCanopy by Ronco™


Bubble dress!

It's the 80s again!


Sadly, the bride doll was never played with again after her legs broke off


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