Going Bridal

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Bridezilla Confession Booth
bridal sins confessed

Cavalcade of Bad Bridal Fashion
bad photos & bad dresses

don't let your guests stiff you!

Wedding Planner (evil)
deeply bitter, but funny

Bridezilla Shop
Anti-bride Gear

Shut Up, Bridezilla ecard
say it electronically



shut up about your fucking wedding
The Anti-Bride Store
t-shirts starting at $12.99
greedy bride
Greedy Bride Store

wedding shoes

Martha Stuart's Excruciatingly Perfect Weddings
Best. Parody. Ever.


Free Cell Phone

Whoo hoo! Links! Everybody loves links!

I've harvested these yummy organic niblets from my blog entries and elsewhere for your clicking pleasure.


The Cast
Sara's other site
going jesus
Sara's new blog
dennis cook dot com
They're coming to get you, Barbara!
The site of Ryan and Leigh
Jon's band (not Uncle John's Band, but you can still hear them playing to the tide)
Wedding Bookshelf
Creative Wedding Florals You Can Make
Because you really can make these. Great book for anyone attempting their own flowers. Don't be afraid. We did it for Ryan's wedding and it was great.
Bridal Couture
Essential for taking on this sewing project. Oh, and wine. You'll want wine.
Bridal Bargains
The only bridal book that makes sense. Actually, their section on wedding sites cheeses me right directly off (golly, mean ol' churches have restrictions about what you can do at your wedding) but the rest of the book is useful so I can forgive them for not knowing what they're talking about in that one area.
Martha's Big Honking Wedding Book
(I may not be recalling the title correctly)
If, on the other hand, you want a book that makes no sense but still makes you want to have incredibly clever details, buy this. You can put it into a plain brown wrapper. I'll understand.
Bookshelf - Other
Eat Fat
Dennis' favorite book on body image issues.

Pretty Dresses and Bridal Goodies

Allison Blake
These are beautiful!
Gothik Designs
Very romantic, fabulous dreses, jewelry and headpieces
Pretty dresses and tiaras
Peach Berserk
I love her everyday stuff, and she does bridal, too!


Princess Bands
It's a necklace! It's a tiara! It's a dessert topping!
DIY how-to
How entirely helpful!
For brides, princesses and you.
I think I'm in love with Mariposal

Wedding Bits

Etiquette Hell
because you didn't want to get anything done today.
Balloon Hats and Animals
I really want balloon hats at my reception. Is that so wrong? Well, then, is it so wrong that I shouldn't do it?
The pioneer clueful bride site.

Sites I Really Like That Aren't Bridal

Not Martha
One of my daily must-visits
Crafty Chica
Full of fun and funky projects
Book Crossing
Release books into the wild and track 'em, Wild Kingdom style.
One Angry Girl
t-shirts and stickers

Other Wedding Blogs

I like the big tiara!
Chelsea's Wedding Dress
Trying to get the Sister of the Year award by sewing a wedding dress long-distance.
What the Wedding Books Don't Tell You
Her wedding is this November.
i knew the bride when she used to rock and roll
A most clueful bride hits the aisle.
Here Comes The Blog
Planning a September wedding, with just the right level o' snarkiness.

Religious Humor

Jesus of the Week
Ok, maybe I'm in the minority, but I don't see this site as making fun of Jesus. I think it's making fun of our complete inability to portray Jesus in painting, sculpture, or collectible plates, because that's just not what He is about. Our attempts to pin the guy down just illustrate how far we are from grasping the divine. Granted, some people get closer than others...
Ship of Fools: The Magazine of Christian Unrest
Anglican humor. I swear I'm not an Anglophile, I just have a lot of British links. Don't miss the Gadgets for God section.